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1 10/1/1982 Cover-up Paul Doughty OK banker, FDIC, FBI, ODS OK Missing 1982 Oklahoma National Bank OKC (ONB) fraud investigation and ONB president's missing body media reported drowning accident. Source close to Doughty family reported bribe Paul Doughty's father paid a fortune to get his son of of trouble in the 1980s. None could remember exactly what. The FBI found this convenient for use in veiled death threat and DOJ did not feel this should be included in their evidence 2016 criminal trial. View
2 3/30/2005 Doughty & Anderson, Mastin, Calvey Multiple OK Altus banker, state lawmakers & OTC Setup OK Tax revenue theft setup. HB1680 2006 View
3 12/31/2005 $643 million fake loan Doughty president of FSB Altus OK OK Six unused loan commitments for shell LLCs (Doughty controlled) with no asset to use with fraudulent tax credit investment claims View
4 3/1/2006 Colorado 4,000 acre resort area loan to own scam set up Altus bank group CO Colorado straw loan buyer fraud w/kickbacks and appraiser fraud. DOJ later treated coconspirators as victims View
5 3/30/2006 Cover-up after mistakes exposed Oklahoma tax revenue theft Altus banker claimed Altus Venture Invested $221 million in Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) OK Multiple forms of evidence this was fraudulent investment claim, and state authorities covered-up. View
6 3/30/2006 SEC stock filing in PM exposed crimes Chaparral Energy OK Chaparral Energy (launderer) exposed buying $30 million counterfeit tax credits at half price. Chaparral Energy Form S 1 IPO Amendment No 2 Mar 30, 2006 in late afternoon after Tulsa World revealed Altus Venture was the subject of tax credit abuse (fraud). View
7 3/30/2006 Phantom loophole unidentified attorneys Andrews Davis Law & attorneys Matthew Griffith & Joe Rockett OK & CO Later (2012) FDIC sued Andrews Davis Law & attorneys for giving Doughty bad legal advice in Colorado loans
8 11/9/2006 2006 Contradiction Contradicting evidence views articles v bank reports and SEC D 2006 Nov 09 Altus Venture V $23.5 Mil OK One part of QMA scam evidence. More SEC Form D?s required for private investment funds shows the most they had to invest. They were in scams in Colorado they needed money to get started. They were running from an Alabama scam and needed money View
9 3/1/2007 Corrupted Openbooks State lawmaker?s created corrupted Openbooks to provide a false sense of security. See what happened laters OK State lawmakers. Openbooks created give false sense of security View
10 6/1/2007 First layoffs after 7 months after $221 million was falsely claimed to have been invested QMA with only 100 employees & 4 small single engine aircraft OK Simple arithmetic and common sense
11 8/7/2007 Exposed in Colorado Altus OK bank group CO Doughty & Anderson exposed in Colorado. and hightailed back to Oklahoma leaving their server with emails and financial records. Colorado victims captured the server with the Altus bank groups financial records and emails with evidence proving Altus Venture's 2006 tax credit. The server proved to be problematic for the FBI. View
12 9/1/2007 Colorado crimes and evidence blown-off Authorities in Colorado and Oklahoma media CO Paul Harold Doughty OK banker and others. 4,000-acre resort area private land development partnership fraud View
13 1/2/2008 QMA broke after only 14 months after claimed $221 million Doughty & Anderson OK QMA was broke (Jan 2008) 14 months after it was claimed QMA received a $221 million investment. Jan 2008 D&A started 5 more scams to keep QMA open until Nov 2008 elections. This was part of crimes that left co-conspirators holding the bag for Senior Life Settlement loans, this was the only QMA related crime the DOJ charged in the Federal Criminal Trial, June 2016 View
14 1/3/2008 1st of 5 new scams, to cover-up the bogus QMA claim EPG/Nateel used again by Doughty & Anderson OK & NY Double dipping $2 million fraudulent 2006 investment claim ($600K tax credits) for Ethanol Products Group (EPG) was stashed on deposit at Nateel New York. Then was brought back to loan to QMA in 2008 while D&A skimmed another $500K fee off the top View
15 2/1/2008 Altus Venture had $200 million hidden at Merril Lynch? Doughty's trial testimony OK $200 million. Doughty testified in his federal court trial Altus Venture had $200 million invested in treasury notes with Merril Lynch. View
16 3/11/2008 Colorado civil lawsuits entrapped FDIC who jumped the gun with lawsuits Bank regulators who failed to investigate OK What would eventually become more than 30 cases in four states of coconspirator infighting drawing in some innocent parties. Note: Bank regulators caught in a rash of bank failures and trying to cover their mistakes. View
17 5/1/2008 DOJ case revealed counterfeiting, but did not charge Doughty & Anderson OK $25 million counterfeit cashier?s check Doughty created for Anderson to take to Dubai, an offshore banking center. Anderson a former International finance professor and supposed brains of schemes. Other evidence suggest D&A had an offshore mirroring account for EAS Completions LLC in either Dubai, Thailand or both.
18 7/1/2008 Scam 3 of 5 to keep unfunded QMA Open Until Nov 2008 elections. QMA president and board OK Stealing employees' payroll withholding. One of many crimes ignored by all including the DOJ and instead DOL gave 12 hrs remedial management training to then QMA president Mark Acerio. View
19 11/1/2008 Major impact on cover-up Most drastic drop in oil price history's effect on gross production tax revenue. A 70% drop in the price of oil Jul to Nov 2008. OK Compounded by FDIC trying to hold back a rash of bank failures that bank regulators knew were coming. And, the Madoff scam where Madoff had to self-expose, and bank regulators did not want to face the public thrashing the SEC experienced. View
20 11/1/2008 Oklahoma state statute 2357.74A The corrupt and criminally ignorant defenders OK State statute 2357.74A (applies to other tax credits) required the recapturing of $66 million to $220 million 2005/2006 counterfeit tax credits. Recapture would have unleashed a horde of lawsuits against sham investment funds, and the Oklahoma Tax Commission. That would have exposed far more fraudulent economic development tax credit investment claims.
21 11/8/2008 2006 crimes & cover-up re-exposed QMA prematurely failed OK Due to failure to receive claimed funding exposing 2006 investment scam and cover-up for the 2nd time. View
22 11/8/2008 Start of OTC emails that would later re-expose political corruption, and crimes to cover-up OTC, FBI, Altus bank & more OK Blown-off OTC emails. 1,500 economic development tax credit, for 5 (of 7) of 63 tax credits types and tax refunds types tripped up and exposed the FBI and others cover-up. View
23 12/28/2008 Colorado FBI launched investigation Colorado FBI launched investigation after victims showed evidence on website CO The Colorado FBI was shown website with evidence of FSB Altus OK Bank Group`s crimes in Colorado and Oklahoma. The Colorado FBI immediately launched an investigation. The OK FBI stole and did not investigate. View
24 1/1/2009 OTC $220 million payout Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Chaparral, More OK $220 million payout in OTC emails dated Jan Jul 2009, same period the Altus bank was under investigation for crimes in Colorado. OTC employees forced to do leadership's dirty work. Note: Some of the 2006 tax credits were sold at half price and used like tax credits. At the same time $135 million were filed with claims to swap for tax refunds and stored some place in boxes. This boxes mysteriously appeared at OTC when QMA premature failed in Nov 2008 requiring recapturing by law. View
25 2/10/2009 Framed by the FBI FBI framed myself as a confidential informant OK Website retalation
26 4/21/2009 Tax credits undocumented & no records of prior usage OTC employees OK Re: GP tax refunds. OTC Employees were unable to find any documentation or records and told to skip auditing & rush payment. Employees were later they would defend disapproving any claims. View
27 6/30/2009 OTC emails and SEC filings show multiple use of same tax credits OTC, Altus Venture & Chaparral OK Chaparral had bought and would used $30 million counterfeit 2006 tax credits Altus Venture?s $60 million, and Affinity Ventures while Altus Venture used the entire $60 million. Evidence suggest the same occurred with at least Affinity Ventures, Scissortail and more. View
28 7/31/2009 Bank loan fraud and subsidiaries ignored. $216 million left hidden in FSB subsidiaries Bank regulators closed Altus OK bank to cover-up OK & CO Altus OK bank closed to cover-up while FSB had $90,867,000 assets and $98,622,000 liabilities. Yet $216 million was left hidden in bank?s subsidiaries. $156 million plus $60 million GP tax refunds paid Altus Ventures since Jan 2009. The previous $432 million was also unaccounted for.
29 8/15/2009 $2.12 billion more cover-up State authorities OK To compensate for lost revenue diverted $2.12 billion (all there was to divert) federal stimulus funds and rainy-day funds, earmarked for education and children`s health care. And, Oklahoma?s state budget was cut for years.
30 12/4/2009 New evidence. Corruption worse after cover-up BOK, Foxborough, OTC, FBI OK New BOK and Foxborough claims would later result in FBI threat
31 1/20/2010 OTC Auditors ignored again Mastin OK BOK's Cottonwood Valley Ventures (CVV) $800 million View
32 3/19/2010 FBI's starts threats to silence FBI Agent OK Threats starting with character assassination View
33 4/17/2010 Exposed BOK's $800 million bank loan fraud claim and for for closed program and allowed OK OTC Auditor's email BOK's Cottonwood Valley Ventures (CVV) $800 million. Bank loan loan fraud claim for a closed program that was allowed inspite of auditors. View
34 4/20/2010 Exposed OTC BOK FBI OK Last of 1,500 OTC emails arrived tripped up FBI started threats to silence reporting FBI, cover-up and Oklahoma evidence View
35 5/10/2010 Letter of testimony 2 Former QMA president letter of testimony to Altus Times OK Letter of testimony to Altus Times. Former President and Chief Operation Officer for Quartz Mountain Aerospace The Prowling Owl is right! View
36 6/20/2010 FBI failed bribe attempt FBI OK FBI failed bribe attempt to frame Innocent parties in Colorado View
37 8/8/2010 Russian connection. Funding U.S. Elections Baring Vostok Capital Parnters OK BVCP head Michael Calvey, former head of KGB Vadim Bakatin & other Russians`, $280K to M.C.s brother for U.S. Congress View
38 5/7/2012 FDIC?s contradicting cover-up court trial 1, settled out of court. FDIC v Andrews Davis Law and attorneys Matthew Griffith & Joe Rocket. Authorities unidentified attorneys OKWD judges recuse and use KSD judges and ends in out of court settlement. Case contradicting both FBI and DOJ OK FDIC accuses Doughty attorneys of giving Doughty bad legal advice.
39 4/13/2016 Failed attempt to contact FDIC before trial FDIC OIG Agent Estabon Santana OK & CO Sent email and left voice mail. Later saw the DOJ witheld both the FBI and FDIC's roles and investigations from the jury. View
40 6/1/2016 Federal criminal trial 5:15 cr 00085 Kangaroo DOJ, Paul Harold Doughty & Fred Don Anderson for crimes in Oklahoma and Colorado OK & CO Evidence of crimes and victims withheld from jury that still convicted Doughty on 9 counts of bank fraud and conspiracy View
41 2/7/2017 FDIC contradicts DOJ's criminal trail case appraiser Fraud Doughty's defense attorney's filing CO FDIC investigation late filing re: contradicting the mutually contradicting DOJ appraiser fraud crimes View
42 12/8/2018 Cover-ups breached ODS, FBI, etc. CO Oklahoma Department of Securities (OSD), FBI, etc. data breach
43 2/25/2019 Russian Election Funding connection jailed in Moscowed Michael Calvey, U.S. Investor and U.S. Election funding fraud Russia Head of Russia's largest investment fund, funding U.S. congressional elections by paying free investment profits View
44 4/1/2019 $835 million more hidden tax credits & tax refunds OTC, Oil & Gas, Insurance OK
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