List of Timelines
Circa Date  
1 Mar 2004 - Dec 2018 Base Timeline View
2 2008 - 2018 FSB Altus Reports Timeline View
3 Mar 2005 - Dec 2018 Oklahoma and Colorado Entanglement Crimes Timeline. View
4 2006 - current Colorado MAPI Land development confidence scam time line. View
5 2006 - current Entanglement Of Mistakes View
6 Oct 1982 - Current Linear Timeline. The complete timeline. Offers a long and a short version. View
7 Sep 2005 - Dec 2018 2009 Cover-up Timeline View
8 Mar 2004-Jun 2010 An Abbreviated Timeline Sketch of The Period View
9 Mar 2004 - Dec 2018 FSB Altus OK Timeline View
10 Mar 2005 - Dec 2008 More Advanced Timeline. View
11 Mar 2004 - Dec 2018 Theft Twice Timeline View
12 Mar 2004 - 2018 Bank Failures View
13 Mar 2004 - Dec 2018 Authorities Mistakes Timeline View
14 Mar 2004 - Dec 2018 Website visitors logs key date View
15 FY2008 - FY2018 Oklahoma Education Enrollment v Funding View
16 Economic Development Lost Revenue v Teachers Pay and Education Funding View
17 2003 to 2016 U.S. Compared to Oklahoma Change in Employment View
18 Oklahoma State Ranking Composite View
19 2007 - 2017 Actual Oklahoma Employment v Jobs Claimed to Have Been Created View
20 2003 - 2016 Oklahoma New jobs claimed v actual employment View

About Timelines

Due to the length of time and sized more than 150 entangled events all plotted timelines will have different subsets of events imposed on the basic timeline.

The basic timeline is composite Chart of First State Bank Altus OK's FDIC reports; and Federal Reserve reports for the bank subsidiaries. The subsidiaries come under the bank's holding company FSB Bancorp Altus, and are not backed by the FDIC. View

Re: Copies of Altus Bank FDIC Call Reports provided for convenience. View.

Most notable Dec 2005 call report showing the $643 million fake bank loans that was a matter of public record during the 2006 cover-up. View.

Altus Banks Federal Reserve Reports. $432 million & $156 million. View.

Consider in light of the following and evidence uncovered.

  • The size of First State Bank's (Altus OK) assets and bank regulators charter/purpose.
  • The Bank was closed to cover-up by the Oklahoma State Banking Dept., July 31, 2009, for being $8 million off balance. $99 million liabilities and $91 million assets.
  • The FDIC did not seize the subsidiaries assets ($156 million) when the bank was closed.
  • In addition, there was the $60 million gross production tax refunds the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) paid Altus Venture (a subsidiary) during the period the bank was supposedly being examined Jan 2009 - Jul 2009, and investigated Feb 2009 to at least Feb 2016.
  • The subsidiaries assets were $432 million at one point. Considering the bank and banker's history, the $156 million and $432 million is one of several money laundering red flags.
  • The Altus Bank Group's history includes using mirroring accounts to steal from victims and launder criminal profits.
  • The $25 million cashier's check Doughty created for Anderson to take to Dubai, UAE, and offshore banking center.

Dec 18, 2018, the Oklahoma State Securities Department leaked millions of files including FBI data and emails 1998 to 2016. View

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