Oklahoma and Colorado Crimes Entanglement Timeline. Mar 2005 - Dec 2018

Re: Mountain Adventures Properties Investments partnership (MAPI), Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Colorado (MAPI) scam linear timeline. See description of land development confidence scam time lie. View

More on timelines -

Most noteable Dec 2005 call report showing the $643 million fake bank loans that was a matter of public record during the 2006 cover-up. View.

Altus Banks Federal Reserve Reports. $432 million & $156 million. View.

Consider in light of the following and evidence uncovered.

  • The size of the bank's assets and bank regulators charter/purpose. The Bank was closed by the Oklahoma State Banking Dept., July 31, 2009, for being $8 million off balance. $99 million liabilities and $91 million assets.
  • These are non-banking bank subsidiaries and are not FDIC backed. The FDIC did not seize the subsidiaries assets ($156 million) when the bank was closed July 31,2009. Note the subsidiaries assets were $432 million at one point. Considering the bank and banker's history, the $156 million and $432 million is one of several money laundering red flags. History includes using mirroring account to steal from victims in Colorado, and the $25 million cashier's check Doughty created for Anderson to take to Dubai, UAE, and offshore banking center.
  • In addition, there was the $60 million gross production tax refunds the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) paid Altus Venture (a subsidiary) during the period the bank was supposedly being examined Jan 2009 - Jul 2009, and investigated Feb 2009 to at least Feb 2016.

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