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3/30/2006Basic Outline of Altus Bank Groups Crimes and Cover-upView
2/26/2008 11:46Call to FBI where agent refused to identify himself. My first attempt to file report evidence to FBI. 405-290-7770
3/11/2008Colorado MAPI v FSB Bancorp Summary View
5/1/2008DOJ would revealed in trial, but did not charge for $25 million counterfeit cashier`s check Doughty testified he created for his partner Anderson to take to offshore banking center (Dubai UAE) May 2008, and claiming Altus Ventures had $200 million in treasury notes at Merrill Lynch Jan 2008View
2/10/2009FBI Fix StructureView
2/10/2009Subverted investigation. FBI Filched & Framed to FixView
2/10/2009Mistakes MadeView
2/10/2009Protection racket. FBI Obstruction of Justice. 18 U.S. Code ยง 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informantView
7/31/2009First State Bank Altus OK Conditions When Closed $156+$60 Million Left Hidden in Sub accounts Cert 9873 063009.View
Game changer's Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) Emails.
3/19/2010FBI's starts threats to silence. FBI recorded telephone conversationTelcon
4/28/2010300 Oklahoma FBI & FDIC emails, telephone & video logs (2/26/08 to 3/15/11)View
4/28/2010FBI's first veiled death threat over BOK and & Foxborough OTC emails,at a meeting the FBI videoed View
6/22/2010Threat and Server Tie Up Ruse.Download set
6/24/2010FBI's failed bribe attempt to frame innocent partiesDownload set
6/27/2010FDIC wanted to clean this up quietly; In Your Corner TV Backed OutView
8/6/2010Dismissed by the FBI as Confidential Informant.View
8/8/2010News articles appear exposing Russian connection funding at least one U.S. Congressional election.View
3/15/2011FBI emails March 15 & 16. Verified FBI confidential informant entrapment.Download set
4/15/2015Doughty and Anderson indicted.View
4/13/2016Tried to contact FDIC OIG Agent Estabon Santana. Crimes Altus OK banker.View
6/1/2016Federal Criminal Trial cover-up. DOJ withheld the real victims, evidence and past bungled investigation fix. Treated coconspirators as victims and witnesses.View
7/1/2016Jury convicts Paul Doughty on 9 counts of bank fraud and conspiracy. Anderson plead guilty on one count.View
6/1/2016Bribery, Coercion, ThreatsView
6/2/2016Federal Trial Cover-upView
2/7/2017DOJ v FDIC v FBI Three Contradicting Versions of the Same Crimes and Victims. Appraisal FraudView
2/7/2017FDIC contradicts DOJ's criminal trial case evidenceView
7/15/2017Last case filingsView
8/15/2017FBI again tries diversonary cover-up by announcing "Blind eye campaign"View
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