FBI's Failed Attempt to Bribe

Re: The FBI's failed attempt to bribe my help framing innocent parties in Colorado for appraiser fraud. This occurred after the FBI's cover-up was tripped up by 1,500 Oklahoma Tax Commission emails.

One of three mutually contradicting versions of crime. FBI version -v- FDIC version -v- DOJ version. This is what happens when authorities try to cover-up crimes without investigating, and different authorities try to cover their asses first.

  1. FDIC version: FDIC v Andrews Davis, a Professional Corporation, D. Joe Rockett, and Matthew H. Griffith
  2. DOJ version: 5:15-cr-00085-R United States of America v. Paul Harold Doughty and Fred Don Anderson

Note: Appraiser fraud was one element of the straw-lot-loan-buyers schemes that paid kickbacks. What happened to the kickbacks? Those paid kickbacks were allowed to keep the kickbacks for keeping their mouths shut.

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20100624 1528 Re BOK Financial Corp BOKF NASDAQ False claims failure to disclose insiders benefiting.txt

Subject: RE: BOK Financial Corp (BOKF :NASDAQ) - False claims, failure to disclose, insiders benefiting
From: FBI Agent
Date: 6/24/2010 3:28 PM
To: PO


You, your site, is well respected in Altus, not necessarily well liked, but definately respected. It's interesting to hear people talk about it. Folks who probably thought you were off your rocker at first now admit that you were right on target on many of the issues. Wish you could be a fly on the wall during some of these meetings. You'd get a kick out of it. Course, you've seen some folks turn a 180 for yourself, like J.D.

I sure would like to dig up some info on the appraiser for those Colorado lots (ie, how/why did they choose her? was she compensated under the table to appraise high?, etc.) R. Sills ever talk to you about her? I suspect he knows something of interest with regard to her selection.

Thanks again for all your work on this. And thanks for the info on the cyber attacks. Please holler at me if you get any further disruptions.


From: PO
Date: Friday, June 25, 2010 2:14 AM To: FBI Agent
Subject: Re: BOK Financial Corp (BOKF :NASDAQ) - False claims, failure to disclose, insiders benefiting


"were right on target on many of the issues"

That is always a real hoot, when someone tries throwing in that gotcha. The irony is since I AM playing a guessing game with limited bits and pieces of info, only a fool would think I wouldn't miss something. So I guess I should be thankful for the word "many":-)

The other irony is I keep questioning why wouldn't any and everyone want the truth posted on the Website and every place, for others to see? That sounds like an admission of hiding something.

Re: the appraiser. Interesting? I have never heard anything about the appraiser mentioned, and that angle never crossed my mind either. You must have know something as you said "she", or is that a sign you have been properly indoctrinated in political correctness:-)

I looked at the closing documentation for the sales involving kickbacks. Interestingly only one listed an appraiser fee, $250. That was the lot Paul Doughty bought and financed through Vectra Bank where Bruni was working. All the rest were financed through First State Bank Altus.

Closing agent for all these lots was .......... He should know if anyone.

Enclosed is a list of lot sales that someone downloaded off the Routt County site and sent me about two years ago. I added some notes as best I can remember to the "MAPI Sales" worksheet showing who received kickbacks and who I think were the connections. Maybe that will give a feel for something. There are a couple of odd sales prices.

Re: Ron Sills

Unfortunately, things aren't cozy with Ron and Roger any more. And, I doubt they will ever be. Ron tried to take advantage of the Altus banking mess and threaten the FDIC with lawsuits in an effort to negotiate them down on loans both he and his son had with the bank.

Ron had no case and it turned out to be ploy that Ron was trying to get me and an attorney friend of mine to help him pull off. Ron wanted the attorney to file the case, Ron had written up; and me to post the case on line. I assume he thought that might put pressure on the FDIC, which in fact would do nothing but make me look like a crook. Ron said the case had to be filed by the next day leaving the attorney no time to familiarize himself, which would be unethical. Ron didnt care about that and turned nasty on the attorney.

Ron was in the hospital at the time and meds, may have had some effect. But, that doesn't justify something like that. Only brought out Rons real character.

Ron has changed in the last six months. It appears something ran him and his son out of Colorado, and it looks like he has split with his nephew, Mark. Ron has been in the hospital a lot and the last I heard they still hadnt found out what his problem was. I AM sure it stress related, along with whatever else. It may later come out that Ron had serious problems that would explain his actions, but as it stands now I will stay as far away from Ron as I can. I AM losing enough friends over all the stuff, and I don't need any more help in that area.


20100625 1442 Re BOK Financial Corp (BOKF :NASDAQ) - False claims, failure to disclose, insiders benefiting

Subject: Re BOK Financial Corp (BOKF :NASDAQ) - False claims, failure to disclose, insiders benefiting
From: FBI Agent
Date: 6/25/2010 2:42 PM
To: PO


It makes me tired just knowing how late you stay up working your email was issued between 2 and 3 AM!!!? How do you do it?

Great worksheet! Thanks for passing that on.

Yeah, I always hear a small qualification when someone compliments your site. You've done remarkably well with your research and putting the pieces together from the information you have been able to glean. Really very impressive and I would not be this far along in the investigation without your work. Everyone still believes you are a retired OU prof!

The appraiser? Yes, I know a little and it seems to be an intriguing (but possibly dead end) part of the case. It may be nothing but I look with some suspicion on the notion that those lots were really worth that much. How else to better invent value in real estate than to create it with an exaggerated appraisal? What do you think? The problem is, when later appraisals were conducted the economy had tanked and land values naturally decreased. A somewhat valid defense to any objection I might make on the issue.

This brings me to my next thought and one I hesitate to bring up based on what you indicated regarding R.S. I think R.S. might possibly know some interesting details surrounding these appraisals but whether he would confide in you would require some study to determine what he could gain from making any revelations. (maybe to irk R.J.?) Of course you could offer him "anonymity."

Is that bridge burned or would he talk to you again? If he would, what would be the best approach you could take to get him to surface on the appraiser/appraisals, if there is anything there to begin with...? I know you do not care much for his character at this point, which I think says a lot about his possible involvement at various levels in the CO real estate deal and gives us an opportunity. I may be off the wall on this but I think you should try to reach out to him again with some angle that would give him a reason to start disclosing information of interest. I would like to know your thoughts on this and of course respect any declination on your part to contact him again.

I've seen J. Melvins name and understand the official role he played. Have you attempted to talk to him. I would expect him to refuse any questions (given his esquire title) but its just a thought.

Having you reach out to the players before I do really helps to give me information and assessment that Ill use to my advantage at a later date.

One other thought, if I recall correctly, R.S.s son was kind of "off limits" by R.S.s request to you. If the bridge is burned with R.S. why not try his son? And what about his nephew M.S. at this point?

You're great at research/investigation and every bit as good at talking to these guys. I'm just trying to fully utilize your talents before you finally tell us to stop bothering you! :)

Seriously, give me your thoughts on this and I hope to talk to you soon about making a couple of calls to the "big shots"...those Id like to be a part of...but quietly.

Have a great weekend...and don't stay up too late, unless of course that is when you do your best work :)


Subject: Cartel and Altus From: PO
Date: 6/30/2010 11:12 AM To: FBI Agent


Assuming you can talk about this? Did you get to play a role in the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel bust, I see it involved Elk City. They mentioned the FBIs involvement, which they usually do. This read like a single agency deal that didn't want to share any credit.

I hear you were snooping around Altus, again. I would like to see a chart on how the cell tower traffic load peaks when you come into town?


On 6/30/2010 11:29 AM, Bradley E Thompson wrote: > No I didnt have any role in the drug bust. Since it related to OKC our Squad there would have handled it. > > What did you hear about Altus?

Subject: Cartel and Altus
From: FBI Agent
Date: 6/30/2010 11:29 AM To: PO

No I didnt have any role in the drug bust. Since it related to OKC our Squad there would have handled it.

What did you hear about Altus?

Subject: Re: Cartel and Altus
From: PO
Date: 6/30/2010 12:07 PM
To: FBI Agent Only heard the rumor it was the feds (and thought to be the FBI) had been in Altus talking to people who knew and worked with Paul Doughty. The source, Jack Smiley, didn't put a time frame on this, and I haven't talked to Jack in several months. Given that was the first thing he said I figured it had been recently discussed?

Jack is one of the best sources in Altus, for what he is willing to talk about, but wants to keep a low profile. Jack is a retired fire chief, is co-owner and runs a tire store with his brother-in-law (Charles Ortega, who is the state representative down there). Jack moonlights as a corporate pilot, is a city councilman, and has his eye on running for mayor.

Jacks weakness is he is too political and is too guarded in what he is willing to tell. Jack is also the one who is a good friend of Lee Doughty, and insisted or demanded, I leave his friend Lee only, and got upset when I called Lee.

Although I like Jack, Jack is the epitome of Oklahomas crony politics. Lets get the bad guys, except my friends are off limits.


Subject: Re: Cartel and Altus
From: PO
Date: 6/30/2010 1:42 PM
To: FBI Agent

Yes, they were/are, and I AM puzzled as well. These concerns are primarily about what went on at QMA. Keep in mind, the folks in Altus really don't, or at least haven't expressed to me, where they feel the bank affects them personally, outside the Doughtys. And, if anything many were convinced QMA took the bank down. The really bad guy is Mark Aceiro, who took over QMA, from John Daniel.

QMA hurt a lot of local people financially. They didn't get their final paychecks and which may not have been illegal, but still hurts the same. The failure to forward payroll withholdings was illegal and cost people insurance and unemployment, initially. One girl had a baby and found out the insurance wouldn't pay. One lady had terminal cancer, but I under the insurance company stepped up to the plate. That was not until after a lot of worry.

As I understand the state employment office passed the buck to the US Dept of Labor. DOL was down there asking questions and some thought the IRS as well. This was back in early 2009. It is the lack of action on this that has everyone questioning.

Maybe you already knew this, but that is the feedback I have been getting. And, yes, it puzzles me just as much, because this is pretty common stuff, which I have seen before. There isn't much of a defense for this. Usually swift administrative action is taken, to file liens on assets of the company officers. Word is that never happened.

On 6/30/2010 12:15 PM
, Bradley E Thompson wrote: > Ok, that makes sense to me now why he would know. > > Folks must have thought this was just going to go away...surprise!

Subject: Hold over question
From: PO
Date: 6/30/2010 3:26 PM
To: FBI Agent

It would be interesting to learn how Doughty and Anderson reacted to hearing you were back in Altus, talking to people. They have to know what is coming down, but people can still bury themselves in denial, and at some point start fantasizing, they might have been clever enough to pull it off.

Thinking of that reminded me of the following you sent in a prior email, that you didn't expand on who you meant by "big shots." Larry McLaughlin also used that phrase in one of his emails. I interpreted that to mean you, as the "big shots."

It struck me you might be thinking about me calling Doughty and Anderson. You do come up with some good ones. You might get all three of us out of your hair if you could arrange for us to ever met face to face. I would have no reason for animosity, but they might. I would have pack some heat. The way I shoot a gun everyone within range is in danger :-)

Who are "big shots?"

"Seriously, give me your thoughts on this and I hope to talk to you soon about making a couple of calls to the "big shots"...those Id like to be a part of...but quietly."

Subject: Re: Cartel and Altus
From: FBI Agent
Date: 6/30/2010 3:30 PM
To: PO

My hope is that the bank case will bring light to all the issues. DOL and/or IRS would be the agencies to look at the QMA payroll matter.

I'll talk to a lot of people before this is done: bank, QMA, AV, TC people, etc.

Puzzling people is usually a good sign that they have no clue where I'm coming from or going with a case. That works to my advantage.

On 6/30/2010 12:15 PM
, Bradley E Thompson wrote: > Ok, that makes sense to me now why he would know. > > Folks must have thought this was just going to go away...surprise!

Subject: Re: Hold over question
From: FBI Agent
Date: 6/30/2010 3:33 PM
To: PO

Yes, PD and DA. It's worth a try and one that you could pull off. But, I want to be present for that one if you are willing to do it. What would we gain? With these guys, who knows. We have some time to think it over.

Subject: Re: Hold over question
From: PO
Date: 7/1/2010 12:19 PM
To: FBI Agent

That is good for a laugh, but I AM beginning to wonder if you might be smoking something you found in evidence locker :-)

Actually, you are trying to manipulate me into something I AM not. I get information, but it is not the way you guys go about. How about if we flip this, and let me give you some task? You might be surprised, to find out what you can learn. It gives an entirely different perspective. There is another very important angle to me. Any of these folks have the money to drag me into court on libel suit. I AM convinced I could win, but I can't afford the cost to win. One of the major injustices in our justice system. In my case, I AM out there on that edge already.

For most of these you suggested I talk to, from what I know I can see no benefit, and it is not my comfort zone. Personally I see that as degrading. Just being someone grunt.

I AM into this because I see tax credit fraud as a serious issues that has been ignored too long, and I AM willing to devote what I think I can do best to expose tax credit fraud. I want to do everything I can to help you folks, but it has to be the way I feel I can contribute most. I didn't get in this to wait for someone else to give me assignments. If that isn't benefiting you folks, that is no problem. I have other avenues to pursue.

Subject: Re: Hold over question
From: FBI Agent
Date: 7/1/2010 12:54 PM
To: PO

Nick, I understand completely. Never thought you would consider any of this degrading. Completely unintended on my part. I do not want you to do anything outside you comfort zone. I should have done a better job of explaining how a case is approached (from many directions and with many sources and sometimes over a long time period).

I appreciate very much your help with the case as you have helped to illuminate a number of issues.


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