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300 FBI Emails and More Evidence of FBI Framing Innocent Parties to Cover-up the FBI's Crimes!
$5 billion Oklahoma state tax revenue stolen during one 4 year period!

The U.S. Attorney General's Investigation Into The FBI's Abuses Of Confidential Informants.
"we identified one or more Guidelines violations in 87 percent of the confidential informant files we examined."

This refers to multiple cover ups by the same and different parties at different times.

First: This was not the typical framing. That would be too obvious. Hang on, and you will learn something clever. And, how not so clever mistakes by the FBI and criminals exposed and created more evidence. Emails with lengthy attachments.

300 FBI emails; Evidence showing the FBI framed innocent parties, to cover up the FBI's own crimes. View

1,500 confidential Oklahoma Tax Commission emails evidence showing part of what the FBI was covering-up. View. Including

  • Criminals` names and amounts. Names redacted, and later uncovered
  • OTC employees forced to process payoffs. Names not redacted so criminals, if exposed, would know who to target in retaliation. These employees did not expose the information.

Financial records for 24 businesses on the Altus Bank Group's server. View

1,200 mixed bag including other criminals, authorities, media, and many that claimed to be victims or interested, but turned their backs. View

In short, this is what happened when First State Bank Altus OK and subsidiaries (Altus OK bank group) came under investigation for financial crimes in Colorado in January 2009. At the time (Nov 2008 - Jul 2009), the Altus OK bank group was involved with 15 other similar groups in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Tax Commission, in the last stage of skimming undocumented state tax revenue.

Note: The Altus OK bank group's crimes in both the Oklahoma and Colorado scams started in 2006. The crimes in Oklahoma were first exposed in March 2006, and backs were turned. The crimes in Colorado were first exposed in August 2007, and backs were turned. But, the victims of crimes in Colorado confiscated the Altus OK bank group's financial records and emails, and backs were turned in both states.

The Oklahoma FBI and FDIC (stole) had the Colorado investigation case transferred to Oklahoma and never investigated. In the act of website retaliation for exposing evidence, the FBI framed me as a Confidential Informant to justify the transfer, to avoid contact with victims and evidence, and blame me for not investigating the case.

Note: Jumping ahead. There was a criminal trial in 2016, but the FBI's role and the evidence of crimes, victims, and witnesses of covered-up was withheld from the jury.

A year later, in April 2010, 1,500 confidential Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) emails were uncovered revealing the aforementioned theft of undocumented state tax revenue and evidence of more fraud, including a $1.1 billion fraudulent investment claim filed by the Bank of Oklahoma in 2006-2009.

The FBI's initial reaction to the OTC emails was threats and attempted bribery.

Attempted bribery was to help the FBI frame innocent parties in Colorado.

My relationship with the FBI, not counting the last 11 years under threats, was 39 months Feb 2008 thru March 2011, with 18 months Feb 2009 to Aug 2010 being in contact roughly 300 times. Contact refers to sending the FBI evidence of more crimes. The FBI claimed they wanted evidence; then, the FBI rejected the evidence by spam blocking emails and complaining the evidence was too complicated. The same excuse was used by virtually everyone.

Quick take. How the theft worked, evidence, troubles encountered, and more.

More evidence. How the theft worked, evidence, troubles encountered, and more.

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