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Straw loans, appraiser fraud & kickbacks

Mountain Adventures Properties Investments partnership (MAPI), Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Editor's note: This is only part of the Colorado of the case evidence presented to the Colorado FBI on December 28, 2008. The description below was provided by one of the Colorado landowner victims' crimes. I added the tax credit information that had not been fully uncovered at the time.

Note: The FDIC sued straw-loan-buyers to recovery loans, and DOJ charged Doughty for straw-loans. Both the FDIC and DOJ ignored the down payment kickbacks paid out of funds stolen from victims.

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Unauthorized Refund of Down Payments to Memo PCU View
Unauthorized Refund of Down Payments to Mt. Harris Lot Investors View
See FBI v FDIC v DOJ - three-way contradictions in versions of crimes to cover-up without investigating. Diagram.View

Re: Victims. Roger Johnson, manager of GCHC, one of two MAPI landowner partners and majority owners/managers. The other was 4S Development, managed by Ron Sills. The Altus bank group controlled the books and very the culprits.

As an example, I am attaching closing documents that show closed sales at Mt. Harris and then unauthorized "kickbacks" to the buyers...buyers being FSB associates or affiliates. The "kickbacks" take the form of refunds of the buyer's down payment back to the buyer from MAPI (the seller). You will notice that the "kickbacks" or refunds to buyers do not show up on the settlement statements that I signed, and in several cases, Don Anderson crossed out my name and signs for MAPI as the seller. This is because he had the title company cut two to go to the seller (MAPI) and another which could be deposited into another account to send back to the buyer or other destination. In some cases, no proceeds went to MAPI at all.

The legal opinions I've received indicate that this is 1) theft in that Anderson/Doughty/Grissom had no right to disperse MAPI money back to their buyers without approval from MAPI and; 2) bank fraud in that the buyers have no "skin in the game" since they got their money back right after closing and I'm sure this was not disclosed to a loan committee any more than it was to MAPI.

DOJ ChargesLot buyersDOJ Name usedCalled as witnessDown payment kickbackLots Grassy Creek At Mt. HarrisOklahoma Tax Credits
C. Joseph RamosJ.R.Yes$100,0001, 40 
DOJ hid *Matthew Griffith (attorney) owner of Edisn Ventures, LLC (1) E.V. $70,49214Yes
pleaded on 1 countFred Don Anderson owner of Global Industrial Management, LLC (2)GIMYes$145,33622, 23Yes
 Joe LeverettJ.L.Yes Count 4$70,00035Yes
Michael C. CarterM.C.$100,0005, 6, 15 
The Crow Family LP, NevadaT.C.Yes$100,00011, 37, 39 
William C. Ray (3)W.R.$70,0007Yes
Convicted on 9 countsPaul DoughtyBy defense$68,26338Yes
Convicted on 9 countsPaul DoughtyBy defense$72,50022Yes
Anita Sills **A.S.$140,000 Paid to Mark Sills8 
Dale Neffendorf **D.N.$140,000 Paid to Mark Sills29 
Mark A. Sills**M.S.$140,0009 
 David (4) and Suzie BraddockD.B.David Braddock Count 5None10Yes
 Ghost Hole Partners, LLC David C. Hock, David J. FitzpatrickG.H.P.Yes Count 3None13 
Karen Gan; K. Gonzalez: Kona Sunset Revocable Trust Dated Oct 3 2007K.G.None28 
Shawn M. Sills (5)S.S.None30 
1) DOJ protecting, Matthew Griffith, one of Doughty's attorneys, who the kickback was paid; one of Oklahoma's 2006 unidentified cover-up attorneys, and one of the attorneys the FDIC accused.
2) Global Industrial Management, LLC, dba Altus Ventures
3) William C. Ray, former drug dealer, pardoned by Pres. Bill Clinton, after donating to the Clinton Library
4) David Braddock, one of Doughty's attorneys and Oklahoma State Legislator involved in tax credit legislation
5) Kickbacks paid Mark Sills for Anita Sills & Dale Neffendorf. Mark A. Sills who also made the down payments
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