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The FBI framed me as a confidential informant in one of the authoritys mistake-ridden attempts to cover-up a 40 year+ multi-state entanglement of corruption (1). The framing of myself (3) was an act of retaliation for using the website to expose evidence of corruption and financial crimes uncovered in Oklahoma and Colorado, which triggered an FBI investigation in Colorado, and Oklahoma based federal and state authorities covered-up. View.

In short:

This was part of what happened when a small Altus Oklahoma bank group (First State Bank, Altus, OK) came under investigation by the Colorado FBI for crimes in Colorado, Jan 2009. (1.4)

The Oklahoma District FBI and FDIC stole the Colorado investigation and never investigated. The FBI framed me as a confidential informant to use as a shield to avoid exposure to victims, witnesses, and evidence.

Oklahoma Tax Commission emails (1,500) uncovered a year later, tripped-up cover-up.

Back to the fix, framing and evidence blown-off.

Evidence included the Altus bank group's financial records, emails, and more that was found on the Altus bank group's server, confiscated by victims in Colorado. This evidence included proof of crimes in Colorado, Alabama, and Oklahoma (tax credit counterfeiting and authority’s cover-up). The victims in Colorado had custody of the server, but the FBI refused to pick up the server for evidence after I had arranged for the victims to turn the server over to the FBI. Key parts of the evidence found on the server were posted on the website The FBI officially refused to use, discuss or accept and examine any evidence on the website.

Re: the Colorado case, I had no connection or knowledge of what happened until a year after the crimes in Colorado were exposed, and numerous court cases were underway.

I did not agree or sign any agreement to serve as a Confidential Informant. I would never have agreed to such irresponsible action, and I repeatedly told the agent.

In summary, I was a crime outsider framed as a crime insider, and as a result, became a witness to crimes to cover-up.

More on how this played out in brief.

Victims in Colorado and myself remained doubtful, and for a good reason, there would ever be an investigation. We continued working together to gather more evidence and show even more connections while backs remained turned.

Bradley Thompson, the resident FBI agent for the area, which included Altus OK, contacted me on February 10, 2009, and ask me to meet and discuss the Colorado case evidence posted on the website I operate, When we met, Thompson informed he was not a white-collar agent, rather a stand-in, not familiar with the case, not qualified to investigate, and not allowed to discuss. Thompson further stated he was locating parties the white-collar agents, when assigned, might want to meet.

This was repeated multiple times. I never met a white-collar agent. All the agents I met were last-minute substitutes and informed me they were in the same position as Thompson, not familiar with the case, not qualified to investigate, or allowed to discuss the case or evidence.

Thompson kept stonewalling until we met again on April 10, 2009, where Thompson raised the issue of my serving as an "unidentified witness." I rejected this as being irresponsible, given I was not a witness to any crime. The victims were obviously witnesses, had confiscated the evidence, and more than eager to talk to authorities. For the record, I had examined evidence provided by the victims, and I had dug up.

Note: No FBI agent ever mentioned the terms "confidential," "informant," or "confidential informant" until several months after the entrapment when the FBI refused to pick up the server in Colorado. That's an issue for another time.

Lured to the FBI's entrapment by false claims and stonewalling.

FBI Agent Bradley Thompson lured me to the entrapment meeting on May 15, 2009, at Charlestons Restuarant, Norman, OK, to discuss evidence for Colorado crimes on the website. At the meeting, the FBI agent first tried to entrap me as a CI and then informed me they were switching the agenda. We would not talk about the evidence of Colorado crimes. Instead, the agent pulled out a hand scratched list of questions that turned out to be off-topic and informed me I was only to respond to the questions. A second agent Andy Farabow attended this meeting, supposedly as Thompson's backup agent. I have never had official contact with after that. Andy and I have used the same health club since long before the meeting.

Charlestons Restuarant was a public place where it sounded like I was a stoolie being interrogated by the FBI. There was at least one party present that I knew.

Later Thompson claimed that at the meeting, he revealed what he referred to as a key point in the FBI's Confidential Informant program that was too secretive for me to see or sign the document. Thompson also claimed the second agent Andy Farabow who was at the meeting, supposedly as a witness to my agreeing to serve as a Confidential Informant. I did not agree!

Note: the FBI never assigned a white-collar agent to the case and never would discuss or accept copies of the evidence. But, they did want any gossip I picked up.

More bait and switch meetings.

At another meeting, August 5, 2009, supposedly to meet with a white-collar agent but turned out to be with another last-minute substitute. This was supposedly at the FBI's office off-West Lindsey in Norman.

  1. This turned out to be a shared office situation at 1818 W Lindsey. We met in a conference room, on the second floor, in the middle, surrounded by shared offices. When I left, I could hear the two FBI talking through the walls.
  2. The last-minute substitute agent showed up with a copy of Oklahoma's Quality Jobs program, and a hand scratched list of questions related to Quality Jobs for me to respond. Oklahoma's Quality Jobs is not one of Oklahoma's 63 different tax credit programs. I had been sending the FBI evidence of tax credit fraud for five months at that point.

In summary, on two occasions, agents brought a hand scratched list of questions for me to respond. The questions were off-topic. Never once was there a discussion about evidence, or was I ask meaningful questions by the FBI or anyone for that matter.

There were many times others wanted to know what had uncovered.

There is much more. The FBI's entrapment scheme alone occurred over more than a two month period of stonewalling and wasting time while the Oklahoma Tax Commissions was trying to issue gross production tax refund checks for counterfeit tax credits. The most drastic drop in oil prices Jul to Nov 2008 had virtually eliminated gross production tax revenue.

What the agent described, I later learned, fits a confidential informant.

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