Like the 1,000s of other pages of evidence uncovered and descriptions of crimes on this site, this web page is only one part of a massive multi-state entanglement of government corruption and cover-up.

FBI & FDIC Cover-up. Criminal Bankers' Multi-State Entanglement.

What happened when First State Bank Altus, OK, entangled private investment funding fraud in Colorado with economic development fraud in Oklahoma.

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Multi-state Entanglement Of Mistakes Crony Corruption Couldn't Shake.

Cover-up and three Mutually Contradicting Versions of Crimes and Victims

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"Truth Is Stranger than Fiction, But It Is Because Fiction Is Obliged to Stick to Possibilities; Truth Isn't." Mark Twain.

Critical names.

In short, I was framed by the FBI as a confidential informant (1) (1.3) in one of a series of a bungled attempts to cover-up wide-scale political corruption after mistakes, in both crimes and cover-up, progressively mounted-up.

This occurred when an Altus Oklahoma bank group (Involving First State Bank, Altus OK, and Vectra Bank CO) came under investigation in Colorado in Jan 2009 (1.4). The Colorado evidence and investigation threatened to expose corruption and crimes occurring in Oklahoma, Colorado, and evidence suggests other states (23) (27).

The Oklahoma based FDIC and FBI stole the Colorado investigation (1.4) and did not investigate (1). The FBI framed me as a Confidential Informant (1.3) to use as a shield to avoid exposure to victims, witnesses, and evidence. Simply put, the FBI framed me to take the fall for their failure to investigate. The FBI framed me in retaliation for using the Internet to expose evidence of corruption and cover-up.

At the time, Jan 2009, the Altus Oklahoma bank group came under investigation in Colorado:

These were simple bait and switch frauds and framing.

This phase started in March 2006, 24 years after the missing 1982 Oklahoma National (ONB) bank fraud investigation, where Paul Harold Doughty was the Ex VP. Or, 25 years after ONB bank president Vernon Ayres's body was reported to be missing in a drowning accident.

  • Economic development and election funding are two of the most politically sacrosanct issues.
  • FBI and others covering up banker's crimes, by not investigating, and framing others to take the blame.
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  • Fraudulent tax credit investment claims and counterfeit tax credits found in the Oklahoma Tax Commission emails.
  • (11)
  • Multiple uses of the same counterfeit tax credits, by the same and different parties during one four-year period.
  • (3) (29)
  • Multiple forms of proof of the above and more uncovered by victims, but blown-off.
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  • Three-way mutually contradicting versions of crimes - FBI v FDIC v DOJ.
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  • 30+ related court trial case's evidence in four states.
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  • Kangaroo court cases and trials to cover-up authorities' roles in corruption and prior cover-ups.
  • (1.7)
  • Costing Oklahoma taxpayers $5 billion (average annual budget) during one four-year period.
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