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Doughty & Anderson exposed in Colorado, with evidence of crimes and cover-up in Oklahoma, and hightailed back to Oklahoma leaving their server with emails and financial records. Victims captured the server with the Altus bank groups financial records and emails with evidence proving Altus Venture's 2006 tax credit.

What would eventually become more than 40 cases(A) of coconspirator infighting drawing some innocent parties in four states.

This was a result of bank regulators - coconspirators - caught in a pending rash of bank failures(2) and trying to cover their mistakes and losses. Referring to when the Altus bank group was first exposed in Colorado. The FDIC without investigating jumped the gun and started shot gunning lawsuits including coconspirators

(A) Triggered by case: Colorado MAPI v FSB Bancorp Summary 3/11/2008 View

(B) Oil price drop and bank failures View

9/1/2004Altus Bank's FDIC Call Reports Dec 2001 thru Jul 2009View
12/31/2005Altus Bank's FDIC Call Report Dec 2005View
12/31/2005FSB subsidiaries assets jump from $26 to $432 million
1/1/2008FRB bank holding co & subsidiaries reportsView
12/31/2005FSB subsidiaries assets jump from $26 to $432 millionView
1/1/2008Money laundering blown off. OK FSB subsidiaries assets jump form $26 to $432 million.
5/1/2008DOJ revealed but did not charge for $25 million counterfeit cashier`s check Doughty testified he created for his partner Anderson to take to offshore banking center (Dubai UAE) May 2008, and claiming Altus Ventures had $200 million in treasury notes at Merrill Lynch Jan 2008View
1/16/2009FDIC and State Bank Dept Cease And Desist Order Against First State Bank Altus OKView
7/31/2009Altus Bank closed to cover-up with $432 million and $216 million moreView
7/31/2009$216 million payoffs left hidden in Altus bank's subsidiaries accounts. $156 mil showing + $60 mil GP tax refundsView
7/31/2009FDIC seizes assets of First State Bank Altus, OklahomaView
9/1/2009Names, amounts & dates for six bogus loans totaling $643 million bank loan fraud. State Rep learned from Herring bank that took over FSB AltusView
9/17/2009Revealing who used $643 million of Altus Bank's fake loans!View
9/30/2009Federal Reserve (FSB Altus) bank holding co & subsidiaries reportsView
2/11/2010BOK EvidenceView
6/7/2010Report filed BOK to the SEC and effort to report led to second veiled death threatView
7/2/2010Report filed with IRS - View
8/1/2009FSB Altus Seized Press ReleaseView
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