First State Bank Altus OK Bank Group Combined

FSB Altus Reports TimelinesView
12/31/2005FSB Dec 2005 Bank ReportView
FSB Altus Fake Loans
12/31/2005FSB Altus Fake Loans View
03/18/2010 Money laundering $60 million fraud. Fake loansView
Multiple Forms Of ProofView
Altus Bank Groups' EmailsView
2006 Tax credit investment claims Altus Venture's and Affinity Ventures' combined totals - $272 million/$77 million. OTC forms 526 (30%) and 527 (20%).View
Dec 2005First State Bank Altus OK $643 Million Dec 2005 Fake Loans UsersView
Altus Venture QMA Scam. Diagram.View
12/15/2006526-A 2006 Altus Venture $60 milView
2005 - 2010SEC Form Ds and SEC filings K's, Q's, DEF 14AView
SEC Form Ds and SEC filings K's, Q's, DEF 14AView
Chaparral Energy SEC Stock filings. Exposed and tried to cover-up failure to report buying countefeit tax credits.
Chaparral EnergyView
03/30/2006Chaparral Form S-1 IPO Amend No 2 033006View
09/30/2006Chaparral Form 10-Q 09302006View

Altus OK bank's (mirroring) subsidiaries. Offshore and onshore.
02/13/2007FSB Altus Venture Capital Funds Bank Account Authorized SignatorsView
05/31/2007Mirror Account for MAPI at First State Bank Altus OK View
10/18/2006Checks and wire transfer to mirror account for Grassy Creek Development LLC at First State Bank Altus OK View
03/20/20064S Unauthorized SignatorsView
06/30/2007Financial Statement of Altus VentureView
02/13/2007Unauthorized Refund (Kick-backs) of Down Payments with check images settlement statementsView
  • EAS Completions LLC (TX) with mirroring account EAS Completions LLC (TX), and believed to have a mirroring in, Dubai UAE an offshore banking/tax haven center.
  • Dubai UAE is where Don Anderson took the $25 million counterfeit cashier's Paul Doughty created, circa May 2008.

Five more crimes in Oklahoma
1-1-20085 New Scams to keep QMA Open Until Nov 2008 elections.View
Colorado lot loans, Counts 2 thru 5. Referred to elsewhere as the Mountain Adventure Property Investments (MAPI) Colorado Scam
Altus Group
Altus Bank GroupView
Altus Bank Group v MAPIView
Other MAPI WrongsView
3/11/2008Altus Bank CasesView
3/11/2008Colorado case 08 BR 01211 MAPI v FSB Bancorp SummaryView
4/21/2015Oklahoma case 15 CR 00085 R PD & FDA IndictmentView
1/22/2016Oklahoma case evidence 15 CR 00085 Doc 35 $25 million counterfeit cashiers check to Dubai UAEView
11/16/2016Oklahoma case 15 CR 00085 Doc 105 Official Transcript Paul DoughtyView
11/16/2016Oklahoma case 15 CR 00085 Doc 106 Official Transcript 063016 Paul Doughty Appraiser Fraud ContinuedView
Note: Re: Appraiser fraud and three-way contradiction: FBI v FDIC v DOJ
06/29/2016OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 R Doc 83 Gov Sup Trial Brief 83 Pg 6-10View
07/01/2016OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 R Doc 90 Exh LIST by U.S.A. as to Paul Harold Doughty 90 View
02/06/2017OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 Doc 120 Exh 2 C. Pearson Appraiser Interview ReportView
05/20/2019OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 DocketView
Bank Reports
Altus Bank`s FDIC ReportsView
12/31/2005FSB FDIC Dec 2005 Call Report Assets, Liabilities, and Unused Loans Pg 9 20View
01/16/2009FDIC Cease And Desist Order Against First State Bank Altus OKView
02/11/2009FRB Cease And Desist Order Against FSB Holding Co. and SubsidariesView
Articles & Blogs
09/17/2009Revealing who used $642 million of Altus Banks fake loans, two weeks after the bank was closed to cover-up.View
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