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Members of the Altus Group involved in MAPI partnership

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As best we could determine the following shows the relationship of FSB Bancorp and its subsidiaries, involved

Named as defendants

  • FSB Bancorp, Inc. an Oklahoma corporation
    • First State Bank Altus* ("FSB Altus")
    • Altus Venture, LLC*
    • Global Industrial Management, LLC* ("Global")
    • Oasis Development, LLC* ("Oasis")
      • FSB Development Capital, LLC*
  • RK Enterprises, LLC, Robert Keys, Oregon

* Subsidiary of FSB Bancorp

All LLCs are a Oklahoma limited liability company

Paul Doughty is president and Don Anderson is VP of Altus Venture, Oasis Development and FSB Development

The manager of FSB Development is Global Industrial Management, F. Don Anderson, is an officer of ("Global")

Employees: Paul Doughty, F. Don Anderson, William Grissom and others.

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Mountain Adventures Properties Investments, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company

  • 4S Development Limited LLLP (4S)
  • Grassy Creek Holding Company, LLC ("Grassy Creek or GCH")
  • Oasis Development, LLC ("Oasis")
  • Robinson Construction, Inc

Known FSB Bancorp Altus OK, subsidiaries

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