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Framed by the FBI in a $5 Billion Mistake Ridden Cover-up

$5 billion private and public funds stolen during one four year period.

This will focus on those crimes where the most mistakes were made and exposed the most evidence. Evidence beyond that required to proof crimes were committed. Evidience reverifying the crimes, how the stolen money was laundered, providing names of those that profited at different levels. Those that profited thru profit sharing, bonus, election funding, advertising, media, pay for work they don't qualify, rewarded for turning backs.

Ongoing digging have uncovered, some 16,000 hidden uses of $5 Billion tax revenue (mostly) Oklahoman's was stolen:

  • During one four-year, 2006-2009.
  • Involved only 15* of Oklahoma's 63 different tax credit programs and three tax refunds (some still in use, and some still unaccounted for).
  • Three of the 15 tax credit programs are for “shared investment funds”, known as Certified Capital Company’s (CAPCOs).
  • This involved:
    • 25 CAPCOs (Certified Capital Company) shared investment funds. Certified is a misnomer in most cases.
    • 170 investors.
    • 640 CAPCO investment claims.
    • 516 Investment Targets.
    • Multiple uses of the same tax credits, by multiple parties, over multiple years.

This are not common crimes or typical framing. That would too simple. On the other hand there were so many mistakes exposing so much evidence. The evidence is all a matter of public record. All the evidence needed is found in government reports, statutory laws, emails, and related documents. This evidence is further verified by the criminals private emails, and financial records.

Those operating under oath and creed benefit, directly or indirectly.

Mistake ridden, uncommon and complicated financial crimes combined with government cover up that allows misrepresentation. Authorities abuse of confidentiality, missing and false reports. The mistakes exposed evidence and resulted more crimes to cover up, and more mistakes..dah...dah now 16 years of the latest round of attempts to cover up and 41 years of the total crimes and cover up for one banker. Evidence uncovered reveals at least 5 banks, more than 600 claimed investments (both public and private) I was framed by the FBI in a $5 billion multistate cover-up Colorado and Oklahoma. The $5 billion was during one four year period (out 40 years), when a small* Altus OK bank was concurrently operating multiple financial crimes in Colorado and Oklahoma. The Altus OK bank group's mistakes had exposed the crimes in each state for the second time each, two monnths apart

In short, this is about what happened when First State Bank Altus OK and subsidiaries (Altus OK bank group) came under investigation for financial crimes in Colorado in January 2009, entangling crimes in Oklahoma. At the time (Nov 2008 - Jul 2009), the Altus OK bank group was involved with 49 other similar groups in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Tax Commission, in the last stage of skimming undocumented state tax revenue.

First note evidence revealed here is found in public records. Primarily government emails, records, reports, documents, and statutory laws.

The Oklahoma area FBI and FDIC stole the Colorado bank fraud investigation and never investigated the case. In an act of retalation for exposing evidence of financial crimes and crimes to cover up the FBI framed me as a confidential informant to blame for the FBI and FDIC's failure to investigate.. There is more to this but space (1,500 chars allowed the FDIC) prevents.

The following is part of the evidence uncovered. The part that would justify multiple investigations in any civilized society.

Nov 2008 - Jul 2009, the Altus bank group and others were swapping (fraudulently obtained) 2006 tax credits for gross production (oil & gas) tax refunds at face value. The Altus bank group and others had sold fraudulent 2006 tax credits for half-price. In 2009, both the seller and buyer cashed in the same tax credits for gross production refunds. Other evidence suggests some of the same tax credits were used as tax credits during the period 2006 thru 2009. Multiple uses of fraudulently obtained tax credits.

Troubled scheme: The largest drop in oil price history occurred Jul - Nov 2008. The fraudulent tax credits showed up in Nov 2008 because the Altus bank group's 2006 fraudulent investment failed in Nov 2008 exposing the crimes again. The state didn't have the gross production tax revenue to pay off. This led to a longer payoff period, further misuse of authority, taking funds from other state-funded agencies, and programs and more crimes to pay off and cover-up. Cover-up included State authorities diverted $2.12 billion Federal Stimulus and Oklahoma Rainy Day Funds Earmarked for Education & Health Care to make up for lost revenue.

Note: The Altus bank group had exposed their crimes in Oklahoma in early 2006, and Oklahoma lawmakers covered up.

False reporting to cover-up!View
Evidence that Applies to the Colorado Case
MAPI Exec BriefView
MAPI OverviewView
Mountain Adventure Property Investments LLC (MAPI) is the legal term for the Colorado case.
Evidence that Applies to the Oklahoma Case
Entangled - Doughty's Crimes and Cover-ups 2005-2010.View
Altus Bank's 2009 Double Cover-up Timeline.View
Multiple Ways to Monetize Counterfeit Tax Credits.View
Altus Venture claimed to invest $200 million in Quartz Mountain Aerospace, Inc. (QMA) Altus OK in 2006. Both Altus Venture and QMA are subsidiaries of First State Bank Altus OK.

Affinity Ventures claimed to invest $21 million in QMA in 2006. Affinity Ventures was 1) owned by Robert McDonald, head of Capital West Securities, and managed by Paul H. Doughty, majority owner and president of First State Bank Altus OK.
Evidence that Applies to the Colorado and Oklahoma Cases
Altus Bank Subsidiaries' Financial Records Captured by Victims in ColoradoView
FBI Bankers' Frauds, Fixes, and FramingView
FBI and FDIC Covered-up Bank Fraud and Money LaunderingView
FBI and FDIC Agents Names and Other Evidence withheld from the Jury in Cover-upView
Basic Outline of the Altus Bank Group Cover-upsView
Three Mutually Contradicting Versions of the same Crimes and Victims--FBI v FDIC v DOJ.View
Former Altus Bank President Convicted of Bank Fraud. View
For a complete list of First State Bank Altus OK subsidiaries, affiliates, and mirror accounts (used to launder money)View
Abbreviated Timeline
2006 Q1 January thru March
The Altus bank group was setting up their scam in Colorado.
The Altus bank group exposed Altus Venture's fraudulent $221 million investment in Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) in Oklahoma, and Oklahoma lawmakers covered up. View
The Altus bank's FDIC reports show total assets of $98 million with $648 million unused loan commitments. That's a huge red flag.View
Chaparral Energy exposed (SEC filings) buying $20 million in fraudulently obtained tax credits from Altus Venture at half-price.View
Later Chaparral Energy bought $10 million more in tax credits at half-price, bringing the total to $30 million.View
According to Paul Doughty’s 2016 trial testimony, in addition to $60 million in state tax credits, Altus Venture received Federal New Market tax credits 45% of funds invested.OKWD 15 CR 00085
2006 Q4 October thru December
Altus Venture filed a fraudulent $200 million investment claim.View
Affinity Ventures filed a fraudulent $21 million investment claim.View
2007 August
Victims of the Colorado scam exposed the Altus bank group and confiscated the Altus bank group's server with financial records and emails. 
2008 January
First State Bank Altus subsidiaries accounts jump from $26 to $432 million. Another a huge red flag.View
QMA broke for lack of funding. Doughty and Anderson try five more schemes, yet Doughty, during his 2016 trial, claimed to have $200 million invested at Merrill Lynch. Paul Doughty's testimony in court trial OKWD 15 CR 00085
2008 October
Victims of the Colorado scam found the website exposing evidence of crimes committed, in Oklahoma, by the same Altus OK Bank Group. Victims of the Colorado scam contacted me to combine evidence of crimes in both states.. 
2008 July to November.
The most drastic drop in the oil price history. $118 to $45 per barrel or a 62% drop Jun to Nov 2008 and the effect on Oklahoma's gross production tax revenue, tax revenue theft, crimes to cover-up, and mistakes. View
The final stage of this round of tax revenue theft started from Nov 2008 and lasted until July 2009 when the Altus OK bank was closed to cover-up. But the crimes to cover-up continued and will continue. 
2008 November
Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) fails for lack of funding. View
Four boxes of 2006 tax credit claims surface at OTCView Pdf
The final stage of tax revenue theft starts 
2009 January
Colorado Investigation Launched 
2009 July
First State Bank Altus OK closed to cover-up 
2009 August
More cover-up. State authorities diverted $2.12 billion Federal Stimulus and Oklahoma Rainy Day Funds Earmarked for Education & Health Care - to cover-up tax revenue theft. Diagramed.View
Evidence (FBI emails) showing the FBI officially dismissed me as a Confidential Informant.View Text file
2010 March
FBI's copies of Confidential Informant agreements I never agreed or signedDownload .docx
2016 June
Altus OK Banker and Partner Indicted and Convicted. There were no charges for crimes covered-up. The FBI's bungled role was withheld.View
2017 February
FDIC investigation evidence filed contradicting both the DOJ's charges in 2016 trial, FBI's attempted bribery. See "Three Mutually Contradicting Versions of Crimes and Victims for the Same Crimes."View
2018 May
Uncovered names redacted in the 1,500 Confidential Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) emails, and were involved in stealing undisclosed tax revenue.View
  • Uncovered names that were involved in stealing undisclosed tax revenue.
  • View
  • Uncovered names that were involved in selling and using the same fraudulently obtained tax credits by multiple parties in multiple years.
  • View
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