FBI Fix Structure

Feb 2008First contact with the Oklahoma FBI before I was aware of what occurred in Colorado.Agent refused to identify himself.
Jan 2009FDIC moves in and takes over Altus OK bank
Feb 2009FBI agent contacted meAgent claimed he was cc'd on a memo from Colorado FBI saying they could be investigating a bank in the agents territory. The agent claimed that was all he knew. He was not qualified to investigate, and was not authrotized to do anything other than delivers messages for what the FBI wanted me to do. There is too much to address here.
Apr 2009I later learned FBI agents framed me as a Confidential Informant (CI) without my knowledge.
Apr 2010Oklahoma Tax Commission Emails.FBI starts threats & attempted bribery. Not an isolate event.
Aug 2010News articles appear exposing Russian connection funding at least one U.S. Congressional election.View
Aug 2010FBI dismissed me as a CI.View
Mar 2011FBI emails confirming I never signed any CI agreement
Aug 2017FBI (Oklahoma City) "Don't Turn a Blind Eye" campaignView

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