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OTC CAPCO Tax Credit Reports
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2006 investors added to OTC's Internal Capco Reported After the 2009 Cover-upViewFor reference

Incentive Review Committee (IRC) Capital Company (CAPCO) reports (spreadsheets) were supposedly created to inform the IRC (not the public) of those who reportedly qualified for each of the five (of Oklahoma's sixty-three) tax credit programs structured for shared investment funds.

Again, the reports did not include all of the information until after the 2009 cover-up.

The four of the tax credits are the secret "Capital Formation Incentives Act" (CFIA) programs: 68 § 2357.62 Small Business Capital Company (SBC 20%), and 68 § 2357.73 Rural Small Business Capital Company (RSBC 30%); and 68 § 2357.63 Small Business Venture (SBV 20%), and 68 § 2357.74 Rural Small Business Venture (RSBV 30%).

68 § 2357.7 Venture Capital 20% Tax Credits

Only the SBC and RSBC were reported in OpenBooks after the 2009 cover-up. SBV and RSBV still cannot be found on any state report, except for the IRC Capco report, where the two programs are mislabeled as "amount invested in conjunction." Invested in conjunction is not the name of a program, but a term buried deep in the law that created these two of the programs.

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Compare the CAPCO Reports for CFIA; original 2006 v 2006 revised 2009

The Capco reports are compiled from OTC forms 518, 526 and 527's

Basic Capco Structure Used in Scams. View

CAPCO Reports for CFIA (Small Business & Rural Small Business) Tax Credits Link
CAPCO Reports for SB & RSB 2006 Original -v- 2006 Rev 2009 .XLSX Download
CAPCO Reports for SB & RSB 2006 thru 2009 revised Download
CAPCO Reports for Venture Capital Tax Credits .PDF
BOK`s Cottonwood Valley Ventures` OTC Form 518 2006View
BOK`s Cottonwood Valley Ventures` OTC Form 518 2007View
BOK`s Cottonwood Valley Ventures` OTC Form 518 2008 OriginalView
BOK`s Cottonwood Valley Ventures` OTC Form 518 2008 Amended, filed Jan 2010View
BOK`s Cottonwood Valley Ventures` OTC Form 518 2009View
BOK/CVV Auditors Email 02/11/2010View
Cimarron's OTC Form 518 2006 07 08 Investments 12-31-08View

Tax credits are 20% (Small Business) or 30% (Rural Small Business) of the total amount invested at risk, during the calendar year claim.

The fifth is 68 § 2357.7 Venture Capital and offers 20% tax credits.

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