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2006 investors added to OTC's Internal Capco Reported After the 2009 Cover-up
Oklahoma Tax Revenue TheftView
Oklahoma Tax Commission's (OTC) CAPCO Tax Credit ReportsViewFor reference
IDOTC Code #OTC SBV CodeClaimed investor'sAmount claimed investedTax credits taken but not recorded how usedMinimum Tax refund fraud
1NoneNone192 Investments LLC$80,441$16,088 Still hidden
2NoneNoneAffinity Ventures Capital Fund 1, LLC$42,012,930$11,076,129Still hidden
3NoneNoneAltus Venture Capital Fund V, LLC$199,714,295$59,914,288Still hidden
4NoneNoneArgonaut Oklahoma LLC$41,600,000$12,480,000 Still hidden
5NoneNoneBancFirst$17,500,000$3,500,000 Still hidden
6NoneNoneBOK Capital Services$800,000$160,000 Still hidden
7NoneNoneC. Ray Lees$6,781$1,535 Still hidden
8NoneNoneCarl Edward$40,000$8,000 Still hidden
9NoneNoneCentral Service Corporation$1,290,000$387,000 Still hidden
10NoneNoneCharles E. Wiggin Revocable Trust$40,000$8,000 Still hidden
11NoneNoneDouble B Ranch$40,000$8,000 Still hidden
12NoneNoneDrisco Investments LLC$3,003,929$901,179 Still hidden
13NoneNoneFSB Development Capital, LLC (FSB Altus)$2,000,000$600,000 Still hidden
14NoneNoneGreg McKenzie$40,000$8,000 Still hidden
15NoneNoneBlair David Humphreys Irrevocable Trust$30,000$6,000 Still hidden
16NoneNoneGrace Ann Humphreys Irrevocable Trust$30,000$6,000 Still hidden
17NoneNoneHumpreys Real Estate Investments, LLC$20,000$4,000 Still hidden
18NoneNoneK74 Oil Company LLC$1,800,000$360,000 Still hidden
19NoneNoneDavid Michael Lopez No. 1 Trust$24,000$4,800 Still hidden
20NoneNoneJohn Patrick Lopez No. 1 Trust$24,000$4,800 Still hidden
21NoneNoneKaren Lopez McWilliams No. 1 Trust$24,000$4,800 Still hidden
22NoneNoneKathryn Lopez Thorley No. 1 Trust$24,000$4,800 Still hidden
23NoneNoneKristen Lopez Berdin No. 1 Trust$24,000$4,800 Still hidden
24NoneNoneLarry Nichols$100,000$20,000 Still hidden
25NoneNoneMcClendon Venture Company, LLC$1,000,000$200,000 Still hidden
26NoneNoneAubrey K. McClendon$23,997,000$5,999,250 Still hidden
27NoneNoneCathleen Byrns McClendon Trust$421,000$105,250 Still hidden
28NoneNoneJohn Connor McClendon Trust$421,000$105,250 Still hidden
29NoneNoneWilliam Upton McCLendon Trust$421,000$105,250 Still hidden
30NoneNoneMesa Capital Partners Oklahoma LLC$100,000$20,000 Still hidden
31NoneNoneMineral Acquistion Partners, Inc$40,000$8,000 Still hidden
32NoneNoneOak Hills$75,348,000$22,604,400Still hidden
33NoneNoneOklahoma Capital Formation Corp$1,200,000$240,000 Still hidden
34NoneNoneParallel Production Company, LLC$7,390$2,122 Still hidden
35NoneNonePearson Street Limited Partnership$36,060$7,212 Still hidden
36NoneNoneRobert E. Howard II$100,000$20,000 Still hidden
37NoneNoneScissortail Venture Capital Fund I, LLC$89,540,000$26,862,000Still hidden
38NoneNoneSSI Technologies Fund LLC$4,800,000$960,000 Still hidden
39NoneNoneTercet Partners, LP$8,709,167$2,612,750Still hidden
40NoneNoneTeton Capital Partners LLC$33,076$6,615Still hidden
41NoneNoneThomas J. Blaylock$100,000$20,000 Still hidden
42NoneNoneTLW Ventrue Company, LLC$1,001,786$200,536 Still hidden
43NoneNoneTom Ward$1,528,378$305,676 Still hidden
44NoneNoneWatson Frick Family Trust$10,119$3,036 Still hidden
45NoneNoneWedel Investments LLC$200,000$40,000Still hidden
46NoneNoneWilson Road Investments, LLP$23,810$7,143 Still hidden
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