Like the 1,000s of other pages of evidence uncovered and descriptions of crimes on this site, this web page is only one part of a massive multi-state entanglement of government corruption and cover-up.

Emails Combined
04/13/2016Email to FDIC OIG Agent Prior Criminal Trial. No response.View
01/20/2010Altus bank group emails.View
02/26/2008FBI emails, telephone and video logs. (300)View
2007 - 2016Communicating with PO website operator. (1,200)View
04/22/2010OTC emails (1,500 blown-off) that tripped up FBI.View
04/22/2010What 1,500 Blown-Off Confidential Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) emails Revealed.View
01/20/2010OTC email - BOK $800 million false claim.View
01/20/2010BOK & Foxborough entangled emails.View
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