Bank of Oklahoma and Foxborough investment claims filed after FBI cover-up, and tripped-up, cover-up.

Bank of Oklahoma and Foxborough are grouped together because their 2009 claims filed after cover-up were among the more obvious cases found in the 1,500 Oklahoma Tax Commission emails. And both were questioned by OTC employeeswho were ignored. For that reason, I hand-carried to an FBI meeting April 28, 2010, where I was threatened for trying to expose the agent to the evidence. Later, more 2009 claims were uncovered.

During the GOP lawmakers' 2006 cover-up (SB1577) they sunset the Oklahoma's wealthest Democrat George Kaisers tax credit program 68 2357.7 setup by democrats in the 1980s. 2005 and 2006 was the first time the GOP had control of Oklahoma's state house for some 40 years. It was during 2005 they setup using gross production tax refunds (HB 1608) to steal state revenue.

2006 - 2009Bank of Oklahoma, Cimarron Business Capital and OCIB.View
2006 - 2009Evidence for suspected Bank of Oklahoma and Cimarron Business tax credit frauds.View
2006 - 2009BOKF BOK Financial received tax credits for ineligible investments.View
03/30/2006Capital West Securities (formerly Stifel Nicolaus).View
09/04/2007Foxborough's Fictitious Name Scam, OKC 2009 City Garage Scam, and OSSD's 2007 Cover-up!View
  • According to evidence uncovered, Foxborough later planned to do basically the same thing as above (City Garage) with Hangar 84 at the Tulsa Airport!
  • 09/22/2007Foxborough and Capital West Securities expose 2006 cover-upView
    09/22/2007City funds used to pay construction contractor diverted through shell LLC's and claimed as a tax credit investment to obtain tax credits!View
    10/12/2007Oklahoma State Securities Dept covered-up crimes and mistakes by Foxborough and Capital West Securities. Covered-up with a miraculous three-week investigation of an unrelated issue. DiverspmView
    12/04/2009WPG and Foxborough $51 million claim. Selling tax credits at $2 for $1, and taking $3 for $1View
  • Foxborough Prospectus
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  • Foxborough Data Files
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  • Foxborough & Hangar 84 Tulsa International Airport
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  • Dawn Cash verifying Foxboroughs $3 for $1 for Mastin who ignored
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    OTC Auditor's BOK email re: BOK & Cottonwood Valley Venture View
    01/20/2010OTC email - BOK $800 million false claim, filed a year after the 2357.7 ended. BOK was allowed to use and using was reverified shortly after Paul Doughty and F. Don Anderson were indicted in 2015View
    Tax credits allowed for claiming city payment to construction contractor was an investment.View
  • Tax credit scheme used by Foxborough to scam tax credits.
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