Capital West Securities (formerly Stifel Nicolaus)

Capital West Securities in 2006 lobbied for and sold counterfeit tax credits. Robert McDonald, the head of CWS owned Affinity Ventures (several LLCs), used as sham tax credit investment funds with no assets. Altus banker Paul Doughty handled Affinity Ventures bank accounts for McDonald Two of the six fraudulent bank loans Doughty created in 2005, was for Affinity Ventures. See $67 million and $69 million loans View

After the 2006 exposure and cover-up, Capital West Securities management sold out. It morphed to Foxborough, and McDonald stayed with Affinity Ventures and set-up offices in Yukon OK and Dallas, TX. These were houses in cheap neighborhoods and listed under the name Jerri Hargis, McDonald's assistant.


Affinity Ventures and remained tied in with, Foxborough, Scissortail, Westheimer Aviation, Century Advisors, and WFG Investments, Inc. (TX)

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