Foxborough and WFG Investments offering $2 in tax refunds for each $1 invested!
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Foxborough and WFG Investments offering $2 in tax refunds for each $1 invested!

From: (Frank McGuire)
Sent: Dec       , 2009
Subject: OKLAHOMA Tax Credits 2009

I was referred to you                  by                 . Early next week we should have Offering Documents for an OKLAHOMA Tax Credit Program (NO Federal Tax Credits) for 2009 prepared by McAfee Taft that are priced at 50 cents to 55 cents on the dollar. If you would have an interest for your clients I would like to forward the Offering to you.

Frank McGuire

**Securities offered through WFG Investments, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC**

       To protect the identity

A rigged slot machine that pays triple; every time the handle is pulled! Rigged by state officials!

$15 million in tax credits, for sale at half price! No mention of an investment. This is not and has never been a legitimate investment.

Now Foxborough takes $3 for $1 IOU. Guaranteed* with a 22 day turn around for a high risk venture investment.

See OTC's Dawn Cash show Tony Mastin how Foxborough takes 300% profit December 31, 2009 OTC Email Foxborough $3 for $1 View

Guarantee* will typically come in the form of a separate Confidential tax letter ruling requesting a "Liquidity Event" or free pass to keep the tax credits regardless.

The governor and state lawmakers 2006 claim to have closed the tax credit loophole, they attributed to allowing some to receive $2 in tax credits for each $1 invested was a lie then? Evidence keeps showing up, like the below, that disprove that claim. When these investments fail, and virtually every one does, these folks get to keep their 200% profit. The reason we are seeing no new economic growth; no new jobs. The governor and current lawmakers, are lying now, by turning their backs!

This is the same Foxborough tax credit scheme, reported, January 27, 2009, Foxborough received tax credits for buying a city garage, after soliciting the Oklahoma City Parking Authority to sell a city garage. Foxborough revealed plans to buy an additional garage(s) and a hangar at the Tulsa Airport. A typical garage the size of the city garage already purchased, would only have 6 to 7 employees. In the case, where an existing garage was purchased, no new jobs were created, and no economic growth. Further evidence the programs are used for scamming tax credits.

Foxborough was the subject of the 2007 Capital West Tax Credit Letter promising $2 in tax credits for each $1 invested, in seeking investors in a $300 million tax credit scam; the state securities department hurriedly issued an off point "no securities violations found" to whitewash.

Who is involved?

WFG Investments also known as William Financial Group is a broker/dealer located in Dallas.

Below are the identities of the Foxborough principals, listed on the Foxborough Prospectus SEC filing

Wilson Williams   President and member of Board of Managers of manager of Issuer. Also President, WFG Investments
Robert S. May   Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and member of Board of Managers of manager of Issuer
Josh Brim   Member of Board of Managers of manager of Issuer
Barry Switzer   Member of Board of Managers of manager of Issuer

Frank McGuire, also represented WFG Investments in the 2006 Scissortail tax credit scam, that included the Westheimer Aviation, Josh Brim, aspect.

McAfee Taft a law firm. Every fraud needs lawyers.

Breech of Trust?

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