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Foxborough December 2009 prospectus!

View/download Foxborough December 2009 prospectus

Page   Sections  
All Complete Prospectus - one large fileView/download
1 Preliminary StuffView/download
10 BriefView/download
15 SummaryView/download
25 Risk FactorsView/download
33 The Series B FundView/download
38 Tax Benefits_Use Of ProceedsView/download
40 Participation And Cost BenefitsView/download
41 Business Of The Capital CoView/download
50 ManagementView/download
51 Tax ConsequencesView/download
71 Terms Of The OfferingView/download
72 Additional InformationView/download
77 Article 1 DefinitionsView/download
83 Article 2 Formation Name TermView/download
  Article 3 Business 
  Article 4 Management 
  Article 5 Member Meeting 
  Article 6 Accounting and Reports 
  Article 7 Compensation and Agreements 
  Article 8 Capital and Membership Interests 
95 Article 9 Net Profits, Net Losses and DisgributionsView/download
  Article 10 Dissolution and Termination  
  Article 11 Tax Allocations and Elections 
  Article 12 Transfer of Interests - Voluntary Transfers  
  Article 13 Involuntary Transfers 
  Article 14 Admission of Substitute and additional Members 
  Article 15 Miscellaneous 
76 Exhibit A 
106 Schedule AView/download
107 Exhibit B AmendedView/download
122 Exhibit C Subscription AgreementView/download
141 Exhibit D Revolving Credit AgreementView/download
184 Exhibit E to Non Recourse Promissory NoteView/download
186 Exhibit F Pledge Security AgreementView/download
202 Exhibit G Power Of AttorneyView/download
207 Exhibit B Investment Hangar 84View/download
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