Foxborough's Fictitious Name Scam, 2007 Cover-up and 2009 City Garage!


Foxborough's, Capital West Tax Credit Letter, and OSSD cover-up. View

Foxborough's use of a fictious name Town Center Theatre, LLC, and claimed investing $10.1 million and taking 2007 tax credits. View

Later Foxborough requested and OTC issued a Confidential Tax Letter Ruling to switch the name to Specialty Services LLC. Another trick to hide the money trail.

  • In 2009 Foxborough worked a sole source purchase of Oklahoma City (COTPA - Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority) City Center East Garage a parking garage, built in 2006.
  • Specialty Real Estate Services (Specialty Services) LLC paid $7.62 million for the garage.
  • The garage provided the assets to secure a loan for funds to buy the garage.
  • No risk.
  • New jobs were created.
  • No impact on the economy.
  • Devon Tower was being built and put parking space at a premium.
  • Two years after Foxborough had claimed investing, and the tax credits were used.
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