"> One of Oklahoma's secretly operated investment tax credit programs
One of Oklahoma's secretly operated investment tax credit programs
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Bank of Oklahoma(1) and Cimarron Business Capital(2)

Addressing Oklahoma tax credit fraud involving the "Venture Captial" tax credit program. For tax credit fraud involving "Small Business" and "Rural Small Business" Capital tax credit programs. View more

Oklahoma's little known "Venture Capital"(3) tax credit program, restricted to two users, could have potentially cost Oklahoma tax payers more than $400 million in unearned tax credits. The list of investments claimed to receive tax credits, look suspiciously like Bank of Oklahoma, claimed ordinary interest bearing secured, bank loans as investments, to obtain tax credits.

Different reports are filed to help eliminate any confusion between the different violations and crimes that fall under jurisdiction of different agencies.

Reports filed with federal agencies
SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission  
  Complaint filed with SEC reporting suspected violations by BOK Financial Holding (BOKF, NASDAQ), and subsidiaries including Bank of Oklahoma. View more
IRS - Internal Revenue Service
  IRS BOK Venture Capital tax credit View more

Blogs - Building the cases
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