Oklahoma law specifically prohibits chaining or claiming the same tax credit investment under multiple tax credit programs.

1. 2007 "Venture Capital" tax credit program report, one claim.

Cottonwood Valley Ventures claimed tax credits for investing $839,000 in Komar Properties of Oklahoma, and taking $168,000 tax credits.

2. 2007 "Rural Small Business Capital tax credit" program 68 2357.72 claim.

REI New Markets Investment claimed receiving an $850,000 investment from Komar Properties of Oklahoma.        and
Investing $850,000 in Charles Komar & Sons, Inc and taking $255,000 tax credits

3. For 2006, 2007 and 2008, the only years information was available at that point.

CAPCO Reports for SB & RSB 2006 Original -v- 2006 Rev 2009. Download XLSX

Largest tax credits users uncovered later. View claims.

4. Mesa Oklahoma Growth Fund, I, LP a CAPCO reported receiving tax credit investments from each of the following CAPCOs each year, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

McClendon Venture Company, LLC
TLW Venture Company, LLC
Tercet Partners, LLC CAPCOs claiming tax credits

The above three McClendon, TLW and Tercet; also filed claims, but the report does not show any of these disclosed investing in Mesa? That would not qualify, unless there was another very unusual situation pulled off. Also held in secrecy too.

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