Three Mutually Contradicting Versions of Crimes and Victims


Make that five mutually contradicting versions of Crimes and Victims when including Oklahoma State Lawmakers v State Securities Department (OSSD) prior to federal authorities bungled attempts to cover-up

In an effort keep this simple this part is primarily about crimes committed in Colorao, by an Altus Oklahoma Bank Group, that corrupt Oklahoma based authorities having been covering-up since 1981.

DateSubject View
06/24/2010FBI Bribe Attempt View
06/01/2016Re: Three mutually contradicting Federal Trials to Cover-up. Diagram. View
06/29/2016DOJ version PDF  View
02/02/2017FDIC's Pearson Appraiser Interview Report date ... but not filed until Feb 2, 2017 seven months after the trial. View

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