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FSB Bancorp the Bank Holding Company and Federal Reserve Subsidiaries Assets Reports
  • Regulated by Federal Reserve
  • See First State Bank Altus, FDIC Call Reports. View
Altus OK Bank Holding Company
RSSD ID: 1067194
73521 ALTUS OK

3/11/2008Colorado case 08 BR 01211 MAPI v FSB Bancorp SummaryView
10/18/2006Checks and wire transfer to mirror account for Grassy Creek Development LLC at First State Bank Altus OK View
03/20/20064S Unauthorized SignatorsView
02/13/2007FSB Altus Venture Capital Funds Bank Account Authorized SignatorsView
02/13/2007Unauthorized Refund (kickbacks) of Down Payments with check images settlement statementsView
05/31/2007Mirror Account for MAPI at First State Bank Altus OK View
06/30/2007Financial Statement of Altus VentureView
02/13/2007Sale Proceeds Not Delivered to MAPI Vectra AccountView

Colorado lot loans, Counts 2 thru 5, 5:15-cr-00085-R-2 United States of America v. Doughty et al. Referred to elsewhere as the Mountain Adventure Property Investments (MAPI) Colorado Scam
Altus Group
Altus Bank GroupView
Altus Bank Group v MAPIView
Other MAPI WrongsView
3/11/2008Altus Bank CasesView
Source: Colorado District Court Cases and Evidence

FSB Bancorp Altus Subsidiaries assets
12/31/07$26 MillionView
03/30/08Failed to report. Reporting frequency changed to every 3 months, when subsidiaries assets exceeded a certain amount as happen.
06/30/08$432 MillionView
09/30/08$432 MillionView
12/31/08$154 MillionView
03/31/09$156 MillionView
06/30/09$156 MillionView
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