Like the 1,000s of other pages of evidence uncovered and descriptions of crimes on this site, this web page is only one part of a massive multi-state entanglement of government corruption and cover-up.

Altus Bank Cases

More evidence produced more than 30 contradicting (coconspirator infighting) court cases spawned in 4 states March 2008 thru 2015 just before the criminal court trial.

06/10/1985SIL-FLO v Paul Harold Doughty …. MoreView
01/01/2008QMA broke after only 14 months. Source DOJ's criminal trial case evidence/td>View
02/01/2008Trial testimony. $200 million.Doughty testified in his federal court trial that Altus Venture had $200 million invested in Merril Lynch.View
03/01/200830+ civil courts cases in five states Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Oregon for one coconspirator but unrelated crimes.View
12/20/2010Oklahoma Attorney General Ruling 2010 - blown-off by requesting Tax Credit Study Tax Force.View
05/07/2012Federal civil trial FDIC v Andrews Davis Law Firm and Attorneys Matthew Griffith and Joe Rockett. Case 5:11-cv-00686?MView
03/18/2014Federal civil trial FDIC v Edsin LLC and Matthew Griffith Andrews Davis Law Firm Attorney. Case 5:13 cv 00006View
04/15/2015Federal indictment. Paul H. Doughty & F. Don Anderson.View
06/01/2016Federal Criminal Trial and Conviction of former OK banker Paul Doughty on nine counts of bank fraud and conspiracy for crimes in Oklahoma and Colorado occurring starting in 2005, exposed and covered up in 2006 thru 2017. Case 5:15-cr-00085View
07/01/2016Paul H. Doughty Court Summary.View
02/07/2017Late filing FDIC evidence contradicting FBI & DOJ appraiser fraud.View
05/20/201920190520 129 OK 5 15 CR 00085 Docket.View
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