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Five New Scams to Cover-up

Background: Quartz Mountain Aerospace(QMA) was broke in Dec 2008, 14 months after Doughty falsely claimed Altus Ventures had invested $200 million in QMA and took $60 million in tax credits.

Note: Scam 2 and part of scam 1 were the only crimes DOJ charged Doughty and Anderson. Put another way, Doughty and Anderson were only charged for crimes that left the FDIC holding the bag.

10/31/2006False investment claimView
Multiple forms of proof for false investment claimView
DateScam5 New Scams to keep QMA Open Until Nov 2008 elections.Link
1/2/20081FSB's EPG/Nateel triple scam to keep QMA Open Until Nov 2008 elections, yet Doughty testified they had $200 million stashed at Merril Lynch.View
03/01/20082Senior Life Settlement Insurance (SLS).View
07/01/20083QMA president stealing employees' (employee-paid) payroll withholdings resulted in the loss of insurance and unemployment.View
08/21/20084Altus OK Economic Development Corporation More Public Funds to Cover-up QMA Scam.View
09/02/20085Altus City Council More Public Funds to Cover-up to Cover-up QMA Scam and likely Double Mortgaging involved. What was found with two other bogus Ultimate Equipment investment claims. View
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