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Money Laundering, 2 of 2.

Two ways to launder stolen tax revenue: paying profit sharing and bonuses to those who help steal public funds.

Part of the money from scams laundered, in part re-labeled and paid to owners as profit sharing, and Altus Venture employees as bonuses. 2008 Altus Venture, the majority owner, was behind stealing stole payroll withholding from 100+ QMA employees. While 2008 was later, the payroll withholding's were stolen to cover-up what happened before. That's how it goes when trying to cover-up past crimes.

July of 2005Bill Grissom$429,000
October of 2007Bill Grissom$68,593
October of 2007Christy Argo$3,800
October of 2007Don Anderson$1,900,000
October of 2007Don Anderson$137,000
July of 2005 Global Industrial Management$200,000
October of 2007Jana Turner$6,200
April 8th 200?Paul Doughty$37,187
Jan 27th 2008Paul Doughty$200,000
July of 2005Paul Doughty$100,000
July of 2005Paul Doughty$897,000
October of 2007Paul Doughty$137,000

Source: Court evidence OKWD 5:15-cr-00085

OKWD case 5:15 CR 00085 Doc 105 Official Transcript Paul Doughty View

OKWD case 5:15 CR 00085 Doc 106 Official Transcript 063016 Paul Doughty Continued View

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