Possible money laundering $470 million by over 100 LLC's 2007 alone?

2008 Stole payroll withholding from 130 to 140 employees

Money from scams laundered, labeled and paid to owners as profit shring, and aemployees as bonuses.

July of 2005Bill Grissom$429,000
October of 2007Bill Grissom$68,593
October of 2007Christy Argo$3,800
October of 2007Don Anderson$1,900,000
October of 2007Don Anderson$137,000
July of 2005 Global Industrial Management$200,000
October of 2007Jana Turner$6,200
April 8th 200?Paul Doughty$37,187
Jan ?th 200?Paul Doughty$200,000
July of 2005Paul Doughty100,000
July of 2005Paul Doughty$897,000
October of 2007Paul Doughty$137,000

Re: Court testimony 5:00085

OKWD case 5:15 CR 00085 Doc 105 Official Transcript Paul Doughty View

OKWD case 5:15 CR 00085 Doc 106 Official Transcript 063016 Paul Doughty Continued View

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