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The Multi-state Entanglement Of Mistakes Corrupt Authorities Couldn't Shake.

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Note the bank's size (FSB Assets) and subsidiaries' assets (FSB Sub Assets), and huge swings.

Numbers in () refers to () on chart timeline.

  • $643 million in fraudulent loans(1). Altus Banks FDIC Reports. View.
  • $432 million & $156 million(2)(3). Altus Banks Federal Reserve Reports. View.
  • $220 million(4). Tax revenue theft pay-off $60 million for Altus Venture. However, Altus Venture was responsible for at least $96 million to $102 million and pocketed another $15 million from selling tax credits to Chaparral Energy (multiple uses of the same tax credits). View.
  • $216 million(5) was left in the bank's subsidiaries' accounts (unaccounted for) when the bank was closed to cover-up July 31, 2009. $156 million(3) + $60 million Gross Production Tax Refund pay-off(4) during the bank regulators, supposed bank examination Jan - July 2009. View.

This timeline plots federal bank reports for First State Bank Altus, OK. Both FDIC (bank FDIC Certificate 9873) and Federal Reserve (subsidiaries RSSD ID: 1067194) reports.

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