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New jobs claimed v actual employment

Re: Oklahoma Investment/New Jobs Credit 68 § 2357.4

Actual Oklahoma Employment v Jobs that would have had to be created based on the amount uncovered for tax credits allowed for one of Oklahoma's sixty-three hidden tax credits.

68 O.S. §2357.4 Oklahoma Investment/New Jobs Credit, which allows

  1. For investments is less than $40 million $500 in tax credits for each new job created or 1% of funds invested. Max employment (cumulative).
  2. For investments more than $40 million $1,000 in tax credits for each new job created or 2% of funds invested. Min employment. (cumulative).
  • This is one of Oklahoma's oldest tax credits and there is no information other than the amount of tax credits taken or cost to the public.
  • The smallest in terms percent of investment allowed for tax credits, yet the largest total tax credits reported to have been allowed.
  • We have other tax credits 68 § 2357.62 and 68 § 2357.73 reported as 68 § 2357.4 tax credits.

The amounts can be seen Oklahoma's Datagov Tax Credits. Note: (OpenBooks) was not reported until after the 2009 cover-up, and then caught in parts over several years. Keep in mind there was no documentation or records of tax credits used.

Source for Oklahoma's employment. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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