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Tax Revenue Theft and Election Funding Fraud/Intimidation!

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State Tax Committee Chairmain Kevin Calvey, Tax Revenue Theft, the Russian Election Funding Connection, and more.

Kevin Calvey and others, including OTC set-up OK Tax Revenue Theft. HB1680 2005 and SB1577 2006.

Principals and benefactors of Russian firm Baring Vostok Capital Partners (BVCP), Moscow Russia View Baring Vostok Capital Partners was managed by Kevin Calvey's brother, and a former head of the KGB, Vadim Bakatin.

  1. BVCP principals donated nearly $20K to Kevin Calvey's 2010 US congressional campaign.
  2. Early 2008 BVCP also paid "free profits" to Kevin Calvey ($270K) and 30 other unidentified parties.
  3. Calvey loaned $250K of his free profits to his own US Congressional campaign.
  4. Now compare this to the stolen tax revenue timeline, Kevin Calvey was involved. And the small Altus OK bank going down the tubes yet had a sudden jump in subsidiaries assets from $26 million to $432 million early 2008.
  5. More on "free investment profits" View
Date (circa)Subject Link
6/1/2004FEC's software was flawed! Weak Internet Security, leaving election funding data vulnerable to Hackers since 2004. Re: Federal Election Commission IG reported annually since 2004, nothing had been done. This allowed hiding PAC funding to appear as coming from private parties. No report of being fixed. View
2005 & 2006Kevin Calvey, Oklahoma's statehouse tax committee chairman in 2005 and 2006, and US Congressional candidate 2006 and 2010.View
2005 - 2010Tax Revenue Theft set-up 2005, exposed and covered-up 2006, and cashed in through 2009. There were more. Diagram.View
5/26/2005State Lawmaker Kevin Calvey and others, including OTC set-up OK Tax Revenue Theft. HB1680 2005View
2006 & 2010In summary, 2006 and 2010 Hidden PAC Funding by Club For Growth PAC family.
5/26/2006State lawmaker Kevin Calvey, others and OTC covered-up when Altus banker, Doughty, exposed the scheme. See 2006 SB1577 2006View
8/28/2008   * 2006 Crime Tip -- $325,000 or in hidden PAC money and tax credit loophole connection August 28, 2008.View
News Articles
Kevin Calvey, a 2010 US Congressional candidate and Russian Election Funding Connection. Starting in 2008, the Russian fund funds US election. In early 2008, the Russian fund paid Kevin Calvey and 31 other unidentified parties free investment profits. Kevin Calvey loaned $250K to his own US Congressional campaign.
4/20/2006Calvey gets big donations from venture Capitalists. Members of the Altus bank group have contributed $21,900 over funding the campaign of state Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Del City, who is running for Congress in the 5th Congressional District of central Oklahoma.View
2005 - 2010Kevin Calvey Oklahoma State House Tax Committee Chairman's Legislative Actions, Russian's US Election Funding, and more.View
8/8/2010* Michael Calvey, was a co-founder and head of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, Moscow, Russia, Russia's largest private equity firm. Outsiders in Russia have Russian advisors. Michael Calvey's Russian advisor Vadim Bakatin was a former head of the Soviet KGB.View
08/08/2010Kevin Calvey's Free Russian Fund Investment ProfitsView
08/08/2010Oklahoma elections: Russian fund donors boost Calvey campaignView
04/28/2011Calvey Russian FirmPays 400 percent profitView
Calvey's Russian ConnectionView
08/14/2010Calvey Election Cash AdvantageView
08/18/2010Club for Growth Spends Big for CalveyView
Russian Organized Crime
Russian Organized CrimeView
2/15/19Michael Calvey jailed in Russia for bank embezzlement. View
2/21/2019Calvey Michael BVCP Putin Russian business sanctions politics View
02/21/2019Russia charges top us investor Michael Calvey with Fraud View
04/11/2019Michael Calvey Jailed in Russia for embezzlement/td>View
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