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Kevin Calvey has major cash advantage over James Lankford in congressional runoff
August 14, 2010

Note: Kevin Calvey's brother Michael Calvey has been placed under house arrest in Russia for embezzlement.

WASHINGTON - Kevin Calvey had a huge cash advantage last week over James Lankford in the Republican runoff race for the 5th District congressional seat, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Calvey, of Oklahoma City, had nearly $193,000 in the bank Aug. 4, compared with $56,000 for Lankford, of Edmond.

The most recent reports covered the period between July 8 and Aug. 4 - about three weeks before the July 27 primary through a week after that contest, in which Lankford edged Calvey and five other Republicans were eliminated.

Lankford bested the primary even though Calvey and former state Rep. Mike Thompson had raised far more money.

Calvey has raised more than twice as much as Lankford for the entire campaign, about $971,800 compared with Lankford's $472,540.

But Lankford raised slightly more in the July 27 to Aug. 4 period - $95,574 to $92,197 - despite Calvey's substantial help from donors around the country as a result of his endorsement from the Washington-based Club for Growth.

Lankford also has raised more in donations of $1,000 or greater since Aug. 4, according to reports the candidates are filing almost daily.

Through Thursday, Lankford had reported more than $48,000 in donations of $1,000 or more, while Calvey had reported nearly $39,000 in such contributions.

Thompson had the financial backing of numerous prominent businessmen in the Oklahoma City area. But Thompson's endorsement of Lankford hasn't brought that group of contributors to Lankford's camp, according to the campaign finance records.

The runoff is Aug. 24. The winner will face Democrat Billy Coyle, of Oklahoma City, and independents Clark Duffe and Dave White, both of Edmond, in the general election.

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