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Kevin Calvey summoned police to park where body of homeless man found, police report says

Congressional candidate had stopped in heavy rain to help another man
The Oklahoman August 8, 2010

Kevin Calvey's campaign for Congress took a strange detour last year near a park in southeast Oklahoma City.

According to Calvey and an Oklahoma City police report, the Republican candidate summoned police on May 5, 2009, to a site in Trosper Park where a homeless man's body was found.

Calvey's grim errand began, he said, after he tried to help another man struggling in a torrential downpour a few blocks from the park.

Calvey said he was between campaign-related meetings that morning, driving from Midwest City to downtown Oklahoma City on SE 29, when he saw a man walking in the heavy rain.

"I didn't know if he was a stranded motorist or what he was,'' Calvey said in an interview.

He said he had a few minutes to spare before his downtown meeting and decided to stop and see if the man needed help.

"I could tell once I opened the (car) door that he was a vagrant,'' Calvey said.

The man, Donald Ray Floyd Jr., then 56, told him, "Hey, I think I saw a dead body in the woods," Calvey recalled.

The homeless man got in the car, and Calvey dialed 911 on his cell phone. Calvey drove them to an area near a building in the heavily wooded park and waited for the police.

A police officer arrived and found a body of a man inside the vacant building. According to the officer's report, it appeared that someone had been living in the building, which was in an "unkempt" area.

Calvey never got out of his car and left after detectives arrived, according to the report.

A medical examiner's report said the man, Randy Eugene Williams, 47, died from complications from diabetes about 11 hours before police arrived.

Calvey said he was "never anywhere near the park" when he picked up the homeless man.

"I know the reputation of the park and would have been skittish about stopping if (the homeless man) was near the park," Calvey said.

At the time, police had been patrolling the park amid several complaints of men engaging in lewd behavior in public. Several men were arrested there in April during police sting operations targeting sex acts in the park.

CONTRIBUTING: Staff Writers John Estus and Ken Raymond

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