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Kevin Calvey's Free Russian Fund Investment Profits

Note: Kevin Calvey's brother Michael Calvey has been placed under house arrest in Russia for embezzlement.

Re: Kevin Calve's 2010 U.S. Congressional Election Campaign

2010 Campaign for US Congress

Michael Calvey has been placed under house arrest in Russia for embezzlement.

Name: Kevin Calvey - Russian Connections
Location: Oklahoma
Entities: Oklahoma Tax Committee Chairman
Role: Tax legislation allowed swapping tax credits for tax refund
Notes: Brother of Michael Calvey head of Baring Vostok; Moscow; Russia.
More Michael Calvey Baring Vostok Russian private equity firm Soviet KGB

Note: Kevin Calvey, was chairman of Oklahoma House Tax and Revenue Committee, in 2005 and 2006, when key legislation was implement to facilitate, tax credit counterfeiting and laundering. View

Kevin Calvey and 30 other unidentified parties free profits View

Kevin Calvey 2010 Congressional Campaign Funding View

08/08/2010 Kevin Calvey's brother is leader in a Russian private equity firm with former KGB head as his adviser.View Calvey made nearly $270,000 in 2008 selling an interest he acquired for free in a Russian private equity fund, according to interviews and Calvey's 2008 personal tax return, which he provided to reporters. He put most of the after-tax proceeds into his campaign, which he has loaned $250,100.

08/08/2010 Kevin Calvey Campaign donors at a glance. Congressional candidate Kevin Calvey's campaign has collected more than $270,000 tied to international business interests, particularly in Russia. View

Baring Vostok Capital Partners View

Kevin Calvey, and key legislation passed. Use little known gross production tax refunds to steal tax revenue HB 1680 (2005). cover-up when Altus banker, Doughty exposed the scheme in 2006 SB 1577 (2006)

Tax Revenue Theft

2006 Campaign for US Congress

Calvey gets big donations from venture Capitalists -- He said "there will definitely be a bill" that will fix "any loopholes without killing the program." View

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