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Russian Organized Crime

Re: Kevin Calvey, Oklahoma State House Tax Committee Chairman's Legislative Actions, Russian's U.S. Election Funding and more! View

Federal Election Commission's (FEC) Inspector General starting in 2004 reported flawed FEC software. This allowed candidates including Kevin Calvey to pass-off (Club for Growth family) PAC funding as individual funding by leaving the letter off the end of the donor code. View

There is still no record of the flaws being corrected when a simple checksum the most primitive form of data verification would catch the dropped letter. For the record they changed that after I reported in 2008. They didn't fix only changed.

Oklahoma State House Tax Committee Chairman Kevin Calvey responsible for key legislation to cover-up tax revenue theft 1) had ties to and was funded by Russian organized crime and former KGB, and 2) using the FEC's flawed software hiding PAC funding.

Russian Organized Crime funded U.S. Congressional candidates' campaign. View

Kevin Calvey and 30 other unidentified parties free profits View

Russians paid free investments profits. view

Ties to Russia's organized crime and former KGB.

Banks & Russian organized crime. Wikipedia

"By 1993 almost all banks in Russia were owned by the mafia, and 80% of businesses were paying protection money. In that year, 1,400 people were murdered in Moscow, crime members killed businessmen who would not pay money to them, also reporters, politicians, bank owners and other opposed to them. The new criminal class of Russia took on a more Westernized and business like approach to organized crime as the more code-of-honor based faded into extinction."

The Red Mafia: A Legacy Of Communism Ref Stanford University; Anderson, Annelise G.

Russian Connection - ties to organized crime - former head of KGB. More

Baring Vostok Capital Partners, a Spin-off of Baring Bank ( founded 1762, fraud destroyed 1995) one the worlds oldest and largest banks, was heavily involved in Russia since the 1700s. More

University of Miami, School of International Studies

Globalization And Transnational organized Crime: The Russian Mafia In Latin America And The Caribbean More

European Parliament - organized crime, corruption and money laundering.

Report: Russian organized crime : the EU perspective. More

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