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Oklahoma State House Tax Committee Chairman's Legislative Actions, Russian's U.S. Election Funding and more!

Re: Kevin Calvey, Oklahoma State House Tax Committee Chairman in 2005 and 2006. Kevin Calvey ran for U.S. Congress in 2006 and 2010. Kevin Calvey was responsible for key legislation HB1680 2005 View creating an additional scheme for laundering hidden counterfeit tax credits. HB1680 2005 allowed hiding the swapping of counterfeit tax credits for gross production tax refunds. The money laundering also included using fraudulent financial loans and LLC's. This included bank loans and bank subsidiaries.

The use of fraudulent loans another part of the scheme was exposed in 2006 by the Altus bank group. SB1577-2006 View was introduced in the senate to stop the use of fraudulent bank loan. (See Altus Venture or the Altus bank group election campaign donations below.) Calvey intercepted SB1577, allowed Altus bank president Paul Doughty to dictate changes to the legislation. Then Calvey held to the bill until the last day of the session.

Election funding: The Russian connection, Club for Growth PAC and Federal Election Commission flawed system.

Altus Venture or the Altus bank group. Doughty and others donated three times the maximum amount allowed to Kevin Calvey's 2006 U.S. Congressional election campaign.

Club For Growth PAC family. Kevin Calvey's 2006 and 2010 Congressional hidden PAC Campaigns Funding (by Club For Growth PAC family), View.

Federal Election Commission software flawed! Weak Internet Security, leaving election funding data vulnerable to Hackers since 2004. Re: Federal Election Commission IG reported annually since 2004, nothing had been done. This allowed candidates, including Kevin Calvey to hide PAC funding by making it appear as coming from private parties. There have been no reports of this issue being fixed. View

Now to the Russian connections
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