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Baring Vostok Capital Partners

Re: Kevin Calvey's 2010 U.S Congressional campaign funding. Kevin Calvey's brother Michael Calvey is the head of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, Moscow, Russia, and his Russian advisor is a former head of the KGB Vadim V. Bakatin. BVCP is Russia's largest private equity fund.

More on Kevin Calvey's election funding by BVCP and Club For Growth PACs 2006-2010. View.

Further examination of Federal Election Commission records, revealed Kevin Calvey's PAC funds are not included in FEC reports, because of a flawed system that allows blocking in this case PAC fundings in reports. Most notable, was funding provided by Club for Growth PAC, aligned with same extreme members of GOP, as the Calvey's and others involved, and aligned with financial crime syndicates.

Michael Calvey said at first his brother bought his stake in the fund for the same rate as other investors. But he later said his brother and 30 other investors didn't pay for their stakes in the fund and were instead given limited partnerships in a subsidiary of the fund through a complex equity instrument called a carried interest partnership, which only pays investors if the fund is successful.

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