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First State Bank Altus OK, Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, and others.

# Subject Link
1 Timelines Combined View
2 FSB Altus Bank Group Combined View
3 Chaparral Energy SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) filings View
4 Ethanol Products Group LLC (EPG) Scam View
5 First State Bank Altus OK $643 Million Dec 2005 Fake Loan Users View
6 OTC $220 million payout. Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Chaparral, More. FBI's starts threatening to silence View
7 Five New Scams To Cover-up View
8 $25 million counterfeit cashier`s check & $200 million treasury notes. Circa May 2008 View
9 FSB Altus OK Timeline View
10 Altus Bank Groups' Emails View
11 Oklahoma & Colorado crimes exposed for the second time each two months apart View
12 Former QMA president of investment scams letter of testimony to state house committee, ignored View
13 Doughty and Missing 1982 ONB Bank Frauf Investigation View
14 FSB Bancorp the Bank Holding Company and Federal Reserve Subsidiaries Assets Reports View
15 OTC Gross Production Tax Codes View
16 Using artificial, bogus, dummy or fake loan schemes for fraud. View
17 Former employee Quartz Mountain Aerospace CEO Mark Aceiro View
18 FSB Bank Account EAS Completions View
19 First State Bank Altus Oklahoma, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates View
20 Colorado MAPI v FSB Bancorp Case Summary. The lawsuit that triggered more other suits in four states, and a series mistakes of mistakes by the FDIC shot gunning without investigating and obviously counter sued. The results were the emergence of contradicting evidence. Eventually backing the DOJ in a corner. View
21 2006 crimes & cover-up exposed. QMA prematurely fails 2006 investment scam exposed 2nd time. State statute required recapture of $66 to $220 million 2005/2006 counterfeit tax credits, expose more fraudulent investment claims, and authority's cover-up. Instead of OTC recapturing the, money 4 boxes of 2005/2006 tax credits mysteriously showed up at OTC after being hidden since early 2007. OTC swapped the counterfeit tax credits for gross production tax refunds. Something OTC's rank and file employees had neve View
22 Possible money laundering $470 million by over 100 LLC's 2007 alone View
23 QMA to Coffeyville KS View
24 First State Bank Altus OK FDIC Dec 2005 Call Report showing unused loan committments View
25 Lawsuits View
26 Vectra Bank Lawsuit 1, naming Oasis Development LLC as defendant View
27 Altus City Council View
28 Altus Venture Capital Fund financial records View
29 Subset of Altus groups financial records capture by victims in Colorado View
30 AVCF FSB Bank Account Authorized Sigs View
31 QMA 100s Jobs View
32 QMA Banks Law Suit View
33 QMA Roll Out View
34 First State Bank Altus OK sued by fellow bank View
35 Million dollar loan View
36 Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority Vs. Quartz Mountain Aerospace View
37 Attorney suing Quartz Mountain Aerospace View
38 SIL-FLO Lawsuit View
39 Sil-Flo, Incorporated, a Delaware Corporation, Plaintiff-Appellant and Cross-Appellee, John J. Ceparano, Plaintiff and Cross-Appellee, v. Sfhc, Incorporated and Paul Doughty, Defendants-Appellees and Cross-Appellants, Harold Doughty, Almer E. Ellison, an View
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