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FBI's Missing 1982 Bank Investigation tied to a missing body
Date Article View
1980's to present Doughtys History
Sep 13, 1981 Ayres City Banker On Alaska Trip Drowns View
  One group of victims of crimes later reported. They were at the in the bank during this period, talking to bank officials. View
Sep 1981 Pool and Doughty Promoted View
Sep 14, 1982 Judge Denies Receiver View
Sep 14, 1982 Oilmen OK Violations Injunction View
Oct 4,1982 First National Purchases Oklahoma National Bank View
Oct 5, 1982 FNBF Foreclosed On Banks Loan View
Oct 7, 1982FDIC Asked First National Bank To Buy Ailing ONB View
Oct 22 1982 Ailing Vulcan Owes ONB View
Jan 4, 1983 Dax Files Bankruptcy View
Jun 25, 1983 Criminal Allegations Against ONB View
Oklahoma National Bank and Trust Company (FDIC # 4168)
Inactive as of July 14, 1986
2701 South Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
Oklahoma County

Established:," January 01, 1929"
FDIC Certificate #:,4168
Insured:," January 01, 1934"
Bank Charter Class:,"National Bank"

"Oklahoma National Bank and Trust Company is no longer doing business under that name
 because it has been merged or acquired without government assistance. See the successor 
 institution Bank of America, National Association (FDIC #: 3510)"
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