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OTC Gross Production Tax Codes
OTC CodesNames
2425Yale Oil Association Inc
3858EEC Inc
5415Samson Resources Co
5481Cummings Oil Co
5815Lamamco Drilling Co
7910Okland Oil Co
10857Arbuckle Enterprises Inc
13292Calumet Oil Co
16662RA-JAC Inc
16768Harding & Shelton Inc
16896Chaparral Energy LLC
17016Oklahoma Oil & Gas Management Inc
17498Robert R Cantrell
18119Blake Production Co Inc
18275Shiloh Production 11
18783Rox Exploration Inc
19792Kirkpatrick Oil Co Inc
19901Vector Exploration Inc
21035Arbuckle Ventures LLC
21162SM Oil & Gas Inc
21801CBS Energy LLC / SBV
90000Okland Energy LLC / SBV
90001Martin Bonney R / SBV
90002Fairway Energy LLC / SBV
90003Sterling Exploration LLC / SBV
OTC Codes Names
90004 Maple Street Corp / SBV
90005Cantrell Steven M / SBV
90006Cantrell Investments LLC / SBV
90007Chaparral Co2 LLC / SBV
90008Noram Petroleum LLC / SBV
90009CBS Energy LLC / SBV
90010Fulton Jr Living Trust Robert / SBV
90011Seven Well Royalty Llc/ SBV
90012Reed Kirk / SBV
90013Williams Ronald Gene / SBV
90014MWC Energy Corp / SBV
90015Petromerica LLC / SBV
90016Waters James A / SBV
90017Mcneil Edd R / SBV
90018SNS Oil & Gas Properties Inc / SBV
90019Singer Brothers / SBV
90020Rebound Company / SBV
90021SBL Oil & Gas Corp / SBV
90022Northwest Energy Enterprises Inc / SBV
90023Consolidated American Res LLC / SBV
90024Shelton Investments LLC / SBV
90025Viola Inc / SBV
90026Reed Bill K / SBV
90027A Cross Ranch Ltd / SBV
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