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First State Bank Altus OK, subsidiaries, and affiliates, "The Altus (OK) Bank Group" View

What follows was withheld from Paul Harold Doughty's 2016 Federal Jury Trial, where the jury convicted Doughty on nine counts of bank fraud and conspiracy, in spite of the DOJ's bungled attempts to undermine its own case.

"The Altus (OK) Bank Group" was not the only group involved. They made the most mistakes.

The estimated size of political corruption uncovered.View
Multiple (5) Ways to Monetize (Launder Counterfeit) Tax CreditsView
False reporting - corrupted OpenBooksView
A complete list of Oklahoma's falsely reported tax credits can be found at corrupted OpenBooks or Datagov found hereView
Key PlayersView
Evidence. Diagrams.View
Largest Tax Credits UsersView
Largest claimed Tax Credit InvestorsView
Tax Credits Venture Capital InvestorsView
Letters of testimony
5/2/2010Former QMA president of investment scams letter of testimony to state house committee, ignoredView
5/11/2010Letter of testimony. President of Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA), Altus OK. QMA was the company state authorities and everyone else defended that Altus Venture's claimed to have invested $221 million that received millions in state tax credits said did not receive investment funds!View
Background criminal history and cover-up
7/01/2016Doughty convicted by an abused federal jury on 9 counts of bank fraud conspiracy inspite of the DOJ's bungled attempts to undermine its on caseView
3/1/1980First tax credits 68 ยง 2357.4, progressively expanded to 60+ different types with continuous amendments over the yearsView
1981/82FDIC, FBI, DOJ cover-up the missing Oklahoma National Bank (ONB) fraud investigation. Doughty was Ex VP. Bank president Vernon Ayres body was missing after a reported accidental drowning. View
1/1/1983Oklahoma State Securities Department (OSSD) covered up securities violations related to the ONB bank failure
The cover-up allowed Doughty to work at father's bank, and reportedly cost his father one section of cotton land in Jackson County OKView
1/1/1985Doughty & Coleman civil suit. Circa late 1980s/early 1990s
1/1/1995F. Don Andersons enters picture. Circa early 1995
Early 2000sDoughty takes over as his father`s health fails. Circa early 2000s
2006-2009-2016 Same Altus OK Bank Group Concurrent Crimes and Cover-ups in Oklahoma and Colorado!
3/30/2006Oklahoma's tax credit abuse controversy centered around the "Altus Bank Group" State authorities phantom loophole cover-up & unidentified attorneys (Andrews Davis Law) the FDIC later (2012) sued for giving Doughty bad legal advice on banks. Even later theView
March 2006Altus Bank Group was setting up a separate but different scam in Colorado View
10/31/200660 more tax revenue theft claims, 5 of Oklahoma's 63 tax credit programs, and would total 290 by 2009. See CAPCO reportsView
11/8/20082006 crimes & cover-up exposed. QMA prematurely fails 2006 investment scam exposed 2nd time. State statute required recapture of $66 to $220 million 2005/2006 counterfeit tax credits, expose more fraudulent investment claims, and authority's cover-up. Instead of OTC recapturing the, money 4 boxes of 2005/2006 tax credits mysteriously showed up at OTC after being hidden since early 2007. OTC swapped the counterfeit tax credits for gross production tax refunds. Something OTC's rank and file employees had never done as part of the normal process. Employees learned, the tax credits were undocumented and there were no records showing which tax credits where previously used. Evidence shows some had been previously used. View
11/1/2009Corrupted OpenBooks reported after FBI cover-up, and first OpenBooks only reporting 8% when first launched a year late.View
12/31/2006More fraudulent claims. Cimarron's 2006 07 08 Investments View
10/15/2008Oklahoma & Colorado crimes exposed for the second time each two months apartView
10/15/2009State representatives Open Records 1 of 3 for missing reports and OTC auditors could not find any reports, documentation for tax credits find ignored.View
2/2/2010State representatives Open Records request 2 of 3 Confidential Tax Letter RulingsView
2/25/2010State representatives Open Records request 3 of 3 tax credits and show OTC auditors Ignored againView
2/25/2010Start of OTC emails (1,500) that tripped-up FBI cover-up. Led to threats & attempted briberyView
2/25/2010OTC emails expose bogus tax credit investment claims 2006 2007 OTC form 526 with names, $ amounts & datesView
2/25/2010OTC $220 million payout. Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Chaparral, More. FBI's starts threatening to silenceView
8/7/2009Bait & Switch Red FlagView
12/28/2008Website visitors logs key dateView
Impacts of crimes. Impacts and effects on tax revenue theft, cover-up, and mistakes
Impacts of crimesView
11/1/2008Madoff, Most drastic drop in oil price history's effect on gross production tax revenue 70% drop Jul to Nov 2008. Compounded by FDIC trying to hold back rash of bank failures View
12/15/2008Madoff scandal self-exposed and put the SEC on hot seatGoogle Madoff
3/11/2008Colorado MAPI v FSB Bancorp Case Summary. The lawsuit that triggered more other suits in four states, and a series mistakes of mistakes by the FDIC shot gunning without investigating and obviously counter sued. The results were the emergence of contradicting evidence. Eventually backing the DOJ in a corner.View
10/1/1982Doughty's Criminal history w/bribery. Missing 1982 ONB bank fraud investigation, a body & moreView
Weyerhaeuser received $170 million in tax credits, 185 employees. Where are the new jobs?View
Some Known Venture Capital Tax Credit Schemes/ParticipantsView
Economic Development CAPCOs in other states
Economic Development Capco StructureView
What Other States CAPCO Studies RevealedView
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