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False and Delayed Tax Reporting. 2006 - 2017

No tax credits or tax refunds were ever reported as required by law prior to the 2009 Cover-up! After the 2009 cover-up, some, but not all, were reported. Those reported were falsely reported.

This graph is for fifteen (15) of Oklahoma's sixty-three (63) tax credits types, and three (3) gross production tax refunds types, swapped for four (4) Capital Formation Incentive Act (CFIA) tax credit types. To this date, the three (3) gross production tax refunds and four (4) Capital Formation Incentive Act (CFIA) tax credit types remain unreported!

There are other false reporting issues, including but not limited to View

  • $2.12 billion. Oklahoma Authorities Stole Federal Stimulus & Draining Rainy Day to cover-up. View
  • Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) Altus OK, like Altus Venture, are subsidiaries of First State Bank Altus OK.
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).
  • Gross Production (GP) Tax Refunds.
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