Related cases. Some 70 other questionable cases that included the following.

Circa DateSubjectLink
Altus OK Bank Group
03/30/2006First State Bank Altus Oklahoma, Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, Quartz Mountain Aerospace, and more.View
01/01/2008Five new scams to cover-up the Altus bank group's fraudulent investment claim (QMA) that failed for lack of funding.View
04/28/2010OTC email showing more claimed investments failing with loan burden, instead of investment.View
1980 - currentOTC cover-up - missing documents, hidden refund claims, blocking audits, more!View
2009 - 2010OTC auditors restricted, while findings of wrongs were ignored.View
For a bunch of primarily BOK and Foxborough
1986 - currentBOK and Foxborough Combined. Diagram.View
Various Others
10/31/2006Why did OTC allow Scissortail to take as much as 540% profit in tax credits?View
10/31/200610 more 2006 tax credit scams like the Scissortail scheme that reaped 540% in unearned profits.View
2006 - 2010Oak Hills, Avondale Investments, Donald Dillingham.View
2007REI New Markets Investment, Linkmark and Gladstone Capital! View
2007Who receives $31 million tax credits, for investing $9 million, when only $5.4 million at most goes to investment, and spent in other states?View
  • Tax credits allowed on investment purchasing billboards in other states!
  • View
    2007Using Bureau of Indian Affairs Loans and New Market Tax Credits (45%) on top of 30% state tax credits.View
    2007 - 2010Weyerhaeuser received $170 million in tax credits, while staying at 185 employees. Where are the new jobs?View
    12/31/2007Claiming the same tax credit investments in multiple programs. Chaining.View
    02/02/2010Nursing Home owner sell the Nursing Home to themselves and take tax credits by claiming was a high risk venture.View
    Early 2000s
    02/02/2010Great Plains AirlinesView
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