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Donald Dillingham, Oak Hills and Avondale!
Date CircaSubjectLink
2006Another claim $75 million was invested in 7 LLC's sharing one Mini-Storage Unit? Now all seven LLCs appeared to have vanished, or more likely never materialized? (1)(2)View
2007Three more false tax credit claims, with one filing bankruptcy shortly after its tax credits were used?View
2007Ultimate Equipment and NativeView
May 11, 2010New tax credit abuse scheme surfaces, while lawmakers keep moratorium gate open 3 months.View
May 11, 2010Avondale $2 for $1 tax credit fraud offer surfaces exposing fraud!View

(1) SEC filings reveal Oklahoma Venture Capital Fund LLC reported investing a total of $9,733,750, while a CAPCO (Oak Hills Capital Company) received $22,604,400 in tax credits by filing a claim with the Oklahoma Tax Commission stating the same Oklahoma Venture Capital Fund LLC invested $75,348,000 in 7 LLC's.

(2) Now after 3 years and a considerable effort to learn what happened with the 7 LLCs, no trace of any one of the 7 has turned up. There was obviously a $75 million false claim. Now the question of whether even the $9,733,750 was actually invested in legitimate ventures, remains suspect and unanswered.