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Colorado MAPI Partnership Crimes

Crimes: Bank fraud (multiple types), mortgage fraud, Colorado straw loan lot buyer kickbacks.

Mountain Adventures Properties Investments partnership (MAPI), Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The real primary victims of the Altus bank group in Colorado were the landowners in a 4,000-acre resort area land development partnership scam and some of those that bought property.

MAPI landowners. Grassy Creek Holding Company, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. GCHC was managed by Roger Johnson, who was one of two MAPI landowner partners and majority owners/managers. The other was 4S Development Steamboat Springs, Colorado, managed by Ron Sills. The Altus bank group was a minority partner that controlled the books. View MAPI Overview, Structure & Membership Interest. Diagram.

August 2007, Sills and Johnson had grown suspicious and confronted the Altus bank group, and all immediately resigned and hightailed back to their home states and left their server with emails and financial records. The gold mine of evidence!

Note: The MAPI scam was set-up in 2006 during the same period Oklahoma authorities were covering-up Oklahoma tax revenue theft.

Re: Roger Johnson, GCHC

As an example, I am attaching closing documents which show closed sales at Mt. Harris, and then unauthorized "kickbacks" to the buyers...buyers being FSB associates or affiliates. The "kickbacks" take the form refunds of the buyer's down payment back to the buyer from MAPI (the Seller). You will notice that the "kickbacks" or refunds to buyers do not show up on the settlement statements that I signed, and in several cases, Don Anderson crossed out my name and signs for MAPI as seller. This is because he had the title company cut two to go to the seller (MAPI) and another which could be deposited into another account to send back to the buyer or other destination. In some cases, no proceeds went to MAPI at all.

The legal opinions I've received indicate that this is 1) theft in that Anderson/Doughty/Grissom had no right to disperse MAPI money back to their buyers without approval from MAPI and; 2) bank fraud in that the buyer's have no "skin in the game" since they got their money back right after closing and I'm sure this was not disclosed to a loan committee any more than it was to MAPI.


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