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Colorado Combined
Colorado bank fraud investigation the Oklahoma FBI and FDIC stole and did not investigate.
2010 - 2017Two-way and three-way contradictions. FBI v DOJ v FDIC. Diagram.View
Colorado (MAPI) Land Development Partnership Scam. Diagram.View
Colorado (MAPI) Executive BriefView
MAPI Overview, Structure & Membership Interest. Diagram.View
08/07/2007Colorado (MAPI) Scheme.View
08/07/2007Colorado (MAPI) QuestionsView
Colorado (MAPI) Crimes, Oklahoma Covered-up TimelineView
Colorado (MAPI) straw loan lot buyer kickbacks and appraiser fraud. Altus Oklahoma Bank fraud.View
03/11/2008Colorado (MAPI) case evidence with proof of crimes and cover-up in OK.
03/11/2008 * Check out Pacer for 08-01211-ABC Mountain Adventure Property Investments, LLC v. FSB Bancorp, Inc. et al View
03/11/2008* Colorado MAPI v FSB Bancorp SummaryView
* Led to more than 30 other federal and state court cases of coconspirator infighting (over who had to eat the mistakes) in four states/federal districts
03/01/2006Mirror Bank Accounts for ColoradoView
02/13/2007Altus Venture Bank Accounts (at FSB) Authorized SigsView
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