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Mirror Bank Accounts

Mirror bank accounts are used to deposit checks or redirect money wires intended for someone else.

Mirror bank accounts are typically, as in this case, accounts set-up with the same name of a company, but in another bank. Often in another state.

1. The following document is showing where checks and a wire transfer recorded as paying Grassy Creek Holding with an account at Alpine Bank in Colorado are diverted to Grassy Creek Holding account at First State Bank Altus Oklahoma. The wire transfer goes to Grassy Creek Development at First State Bank Altus. Note: there was no signature on the checks deposited in First State Bank Altus.

Both banks should have caught this. Paul Doughty was president of First State Bank and Altus David Bruni was an officer at Vectra Bank when the checks were accepted without a signature or full knowledge of the other partners.

Note: David Bruni was soon hired by Don Anderson as president of MAPI, at a significant increase in salary, signing bonus and performance bonus plan without the full knowledge of the other partners.

Definite Mirror Account for GCH at First State Bank of Altus based upon Vectra MAPI account activity. View

2. This documents backs up GCH's position they had no knowledge of an account using their name existed at First State Bank Altus

Supposed Mirror Account for MAPI at First State Bank of Altus based upon Peachtree Server documentation. View

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