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Justice, Denied, Denied.... Seven Times
Justice Denied in 3-Way Contradiction
For 2 of 99 investment funds Operated by Altus OK banker Paul Doughty
Crimes locations Charges Denied Justice Notes

FDIC Victims
Colorado $10 million $25 million
Oklahoma $14.5 million $126 million

Break Down Colorado
Lot loans $10 million
Value of land taken
$25 million
Appraiser fraud Failed Bribery

Break Down Oklahoma
SLS $12.5 million

EPG $2 million

Tax frauds
Altus Venture
$60 million Multiple uses
Chaparral $30 million Multiple uses
Affinity Venture $17 million Multiple uses
Samson Resources Co $10 million Multiple uses
Lamamco Drilling Co $6 million Multiple uses
Sapulpa Auto Pool $800 K Multiple uses
$600 K Multiple uses
$2 million Multiple uses
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